Amazon recites more than 100 million Alexa tools that were sold


The company will be sold from Echo Dots through January, Limp added.

The stats do not provide a complete picture of Alexa access. It is not clear how many equipment is in a particular house, or how many people use the AI ​​helper always. Just as you bought a Alexa washing machine that means you order orders – you may not know that the Amazon helper is the option. When more than 28,000 skilled home appliances are capable of writing, there is an opportunity for some of them to be used.

Then the quiz about the competition. It is harder to compete as a Google Coupling, because many Android phones are accompanied by an Assistant but are not built up with their minds as left speakers or home appliances other attached. If Google does not offer the data itself, it is difficult to know that Alexa has been stronger or more. challenging challenges.

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