America thanked Cristian Insaurralde


Argentine loan ended. – Mexsport

An Argentine strike loan came to an end and did not confirm the & # 39; Piojo & # 39; Herrera to stay in the club

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September 12, 2017/13: 30 hours

Argentine loan ended. – Mexsport

Club América stated that Argentine Insaurralde had not been released, played on a loan for six months but did not win its confidence. Miguelcurma coach Miguel & Piojo & # 39; Herrera.

In Insaurralde, at the beginning of this 2019 Clausura, he had more activity than he was in front of his final competition, regretted his unsuccessful way he met the team, but he said He was aware that this was fun.

"I'm sorry to continue as my favorite, but this is the blessed fun, today you are here tomorrow there. I want you to know that I gave me I went out after him all the time in the club, I opposed any obstacles in the way and at the end I had a fall of grace to be able to play well. "

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Today I must say quietly again, thank @clubamerica for opening the doors of the amazing homework and allowing me to become professional, and especially to allow me to be part of the title put them in CIMA DE TODOS in Mexican football. I'm sorry to be able to go as I am. ask me, but that's this blessed fun, today you are here tomorrow there. I want you to know that I delivered myself to the biggest time in the club, I opposed any obstacles in this way and at the end I had a drop of grace for be able to play well. I'll try to & # 39; I can do the best I would play all the time, and I'm very happy and happy with her; love that the fans show me last time, I have no other words, as well as everyone, leaders, coaching staff, medical staff, my wonderful companion, and in particular EVENT WORKING IN A CLUB RETURNING HUMANITIES CURRENT TO MAKE A & # 39; FOR THE SHINE CLUB. For each of them I take them in my heart, and keep the best of everyone, who we are and what is important. AGAIN is ALWAYS AMERICA ?? and as I said to my colleagues, in Argentina, one of them will give strength for their success. ❤️ DAY THAT IS GUS. ??

Posted by Cristian Insaurralde (@ c.insaurralde9)

The 27-year-old football player said to America, his fans and companions throughout the Instagram account, in which he thanked the Coapa club to allow "to be part of a title that will ahead of all in Mexican football. "

"I tried the best part I did every time I played and I am very grateful and happy with the love shown by the fans I have no more words than all the leaders, coaching staff, medical staff, my red colleagues, "he said.

Between League and Cup, Insaurralde played only 10 matches since it came from. It is expected to be signed by Newell's Old Boys who will not return to O & # 39; Higgins in Chile.

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