American dream and real wages


According to a recent study by the MidAmerica Nazarene University, American men say a dream salary is $ 445,000 a year. This number of women is much fairer, but still very high – $ 279,000 annually.

In fact, only part of this income is even an American family – over $ 61,300. And even in the top, people did not succeed in six-digit salary warranty measures. According to PayScale payment research, average wages for women with college degrees are approximately $ 61,000, and $ 95,000 are annually.

A view from the American film series The Office. Picture: NBC

A view from the American film series The Office. Photograph: NBC

"Only 25% of the respondents said they had a dream job," said the MNU report. "People with high salaries, or PhDs, who live in the area are usually Southwest or Baby Boomer (born 1946 to 1964)."

Their work is a dream of making office hours, one hour break and 52 paid paid days each year. In addition, they want to work 11 days a month. 41% said they were a dream about going to # 39; doing the business itself, but did not spend it for more than 60 hours per week.

Respondents also said that the most important benefit when you go to work is that its company is a " Contribute to employee retirement accounts. In addition, men believe that income, new flexibility and creative freedom are the most important element of the. dream work. In terms of women, it is the most important flexibility, and with creative freedom and income.

Ha Thu (CNBC)

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