American people run for Black Friday


Although US Thanksgiving holidays have not yet started, fast-fast users are becoming customers buying Friday Fridays a day later. Thanksgiving.

In California, large supermarkets are emerging as a buyer's cottage – a tough but knowledgeable United States.

Besides how funny it is for her & # 39; The first one to go into the shop, many users come early in the traditional way.

Mr Harold Patton, a buyer, said: "We are always sorry for a cake early, because my mother was also a baker."

It is the interest of his & her; Buy buyers for buyers why many stores are ready for busy even during the liberation season.

"When customers come to us as family members, we are always ready to welcome them," said Tekesha Pryor, proprietor Mommie Helen Bakery.

Sociology and buyers in the USA are very happy with many who believe this will be a good holiday festival for everyone.

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