American research exploits new benefits of fish and tobacco D.


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Omega-3-rich oil may significantly reduce the risk of heart attack and it is apparent that the benefits of vitamin D reduce the risk of cancer dying, according to major study USA to achieve health benefits with vitamin D and fish oil. But engine D and fish oil did not lower the risk of Cancer or cancer itself. The study found that the level of heart attack in those that ate fish oil was 28% lower compared to those who took fake drugs and increased the 77% African-American threat. But the Superintendent of the Healthcare Reuters examined that this large percentage must prove. The level of cancer dying among those that gave vitamin to a lower 25 per cent, said Dr Joan Manson, Brigham & Wymen's Hospital, a barrier of prevention medicine. "This may be due to the fact that this vitamin can affect the essential structure of the tumor, The ability to spread it to other areas of the body." "So we may see a reduction in the death of cancer, but there is no decrease in the first diagnosis. It's a longer study … If we talk about cancer prevention, It may be stronger for more than a decade, "she said in a telephone interview. The new study was published online at the New England Journal of Medicine. Most of the research is carried out; Previously, he has focused on volunteers who are already at risk for heart attack, stroke or cancer. The survey included 25,771 participants aged 50 years and no one had any prior heart attack, stroke or cancer. Over half of them continued to be inspected for more than five years.

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