American scholars suggest that US military support can be strengthened for Taiwan – News – Rti Meadhanach Radio Station


American scholars suggest that US military support can be strengthened for Taiwan – News – Rti Meadhanach Radio Station

  • Time: 2018-11-22 06:16
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  • Writer: Wu Ningkang

American ladder, David Brown, praised that the United States can show more support to Taiwan and strengthen Taiwan's military support to Taiwan under "one Chinese policy"; Chinese student Li Li Peng suggested that Beijing should consider appropriate ways and the party member is fair and moderate.

The National Policy for Foreign Policy (NCAFP) published a recent report on US-China relations. The Americans and China invited the chapters on cross-border issues and Taiwan. Among them, Bu Daowei was the leader of the State Council's cross-border business bureau, and Li Peng the Xiamen of China. Research Institute Director of Taiwan University.

In the report entitled "US-China Relations: Is there a Discontinuation or Emergency Control Series?", Bu Daowei made recommendations to the US, China and Taiwan at the narrower level in China. -dràsta.

In terms of Beijing, he said that tensions should be strengthened in the Taiwan Strait and weakened the East Asian region's stability; It should accept a flexible approach to communication with Taiwan; stop Taiwan into diplomatic relationships, reduce the way that works Internationally linked individually to Taiwan; and let Li Mingzhe, Taiwan's democracy activist.

In response to Taipei, he stated that the current Cai President's approach must continue to be in place for his / her. avoid problem; Careful handling can be considered as a "de-Chinaization" subject; promoting Taiwan's society to increase the risk of the PLA and to reduce its risk. Strengthening self-defense abilities.

In terms of Washington, he said that, although the conditions for further progress in US-Taiwan relationships still do not improve, the United States should continue to continue; Promoting Beijing to take a flexible approach to initiate cross-channel communications. Under the "one-China policy" of the United States, it offers more support to Taiwan and its " seeking similar ideas. The state supports Taiwan's international partnership; it is a & n; Strengthening US military support for Taiwan, including military sales, Considering military exercises with Taiwan, and establishing a two-dimensional trading arbitration tool for free trade agreements by Taiwan.

Li Peng believes that the US, China and Taiwan are all hoping that the Taiwan Sound will be peaceful and stable, and not want to see the new decline of the Taiwan Strait. For the mainland of China, Li Peng suggested that "considering relevant links with the DPP be more pragmatic and moderate, and fairly cooperate with non-governmental thinking tanks" .

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