American scientific science under genetic genetic relationship of Chinese couple


The University of Rice has launched an inquiry on one of the professor after reports have shown that it is linked to the genetic editions that have been said in China that have produced two children with modified DNA.

They named the Monday study after reports that Dr. Michael Deem, a professor of biochemical and genetic engineering, was involved in a genetic editorial issue of human gestures changed in a way to prevent them from HIV.

The university said that "did not know this work" and that the knowledge was not achieved in the US, where genetic editing of human embryos is illegal.

"Whatever it has been done, this work is as described in news statements, breaking scientific conduct management and is inconsistent with the ethical customs of the scientific community and Rice University," said the university in a statement. "We have thoroughly examined Dr. Deem's work in this research."

He said he was in China when the partners agreed to genetic editing, and said they understood the dangers, according to the Associated Press. We said that it might be a weakening way to do & # 39; comparing the preparation of a gene to a vaccine ", according to the AP.

There is a debate in raising the demands of Chinese professor He Jiankui, that he has changed the DNA in the work of black girls, especially changing a gene to prevent HIV infection.

The research is still independently proven, and has not been published in a magazine reviewed by peers, which is the usual protocol for such medical developments.

Jiankui's work is being researched by his own school, the University of Science and Technology of Southern China in Shenzhen, according to The Associated Press.

Deem has not returned a request for ABC News for comment.

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