America's commitment to the moon – "This time we'll stay" knowledge


  • NASA has told that people will resume their moon soon as soon as possible; as possible. By 2028 it could be time.
  • For this purpose, a small growth station in a white order to take the service. She should start to & # 39; moon.
  • In the long term, the station is a bridge on the road to Mars.

It has been more than 46 years since leaving & # 39; last human moon. On 14 December, Commander Eugene Cernan and geologist Harrison Schmitt boarded the moon model of the Apollo 17 mission to return to Earth. Since then, there are only training flags, white cars and – among other things – there are two golf members on the dusty white land that certifies the trips of the people. However, depending on the will of NASA's devolution, this should be changed as soon as possible. As soon as possible, warriors can go on and off; moon, Nasa leader Jim Bridenstine said a few days ago, and maybe as early as 2028. And not only: "This time we'll stay."

NASA continues to pursue its desire; President of Scotland, Trump, put confidence missions to his & her; moon and thence to Mars. Unlike the 1960s and 1970s Apollo program, human presence should be more permanent this time. "Not only do we want to leave banners and footprints and do not come back for 50 years," said Bridenstine. "We want to make it stable so you can get back and get out regularly with people."

Nasa does not just want to rely on her own specialists. Last November, private companies were selected, which now compete for orders worth around 2.6 billion dollars. The work: to bring small probes to their moonlight, which is bringing investments there. Nasa wants to bring an informal car to the moon by 2024. It is hoped that a competition between private providers will maintain low prices and its prices. moving innovation.

Space What does China want behind the moon?

What does China want behind the moon?

Radio screens and so almost any communication, but a breakdown into space: China's historic shift will heat the race to the moon.Le Christoph von Eichhorn and Alasdair Stirn

As early as 2026, a small growth station called Lunar Orbital Platform (LOP-G) in a white orb that carries their service. She could be a sort of fan of the international radio station iss and his life may have ended in the 2020s. While the iss However, in the orbit alone there is 400 kilometers above the land that travels, the distance to the station would be in the moon's orbit almost a thousand times.

The amazing thing is that the project is going to; sound: The plans for this gateway – in a "portal" or "interfaces" of German – are very advanced. They are led by NASA, but also the Canadian, Japanese and Russian venue groups and Investigates the deposits. Only the seventh part of the ISS leaflet should be at the station and no one can be kept regularly. Four astronauters should be able to stay there for about one or three months at the same time. Different exams may be able to collect data automatically

The European Association of Europe is working on plans for "moon town"

From this sports station, so the NASA plan could use future solar enterprises: partly with remote control robots, which would also be a remote part of the moon that was accessible, partly with human behavioral model. And in the long run Nasa plans to use this gate as a bridge on the road to Mars. Astronauts can then be named by the new system and new spacecraft SLS / Orion, which Nasa and Esa are currently developing, first to & # 39; go to the gate and move there to Mars. It would be the benefit that no total weight of Mars spacecraft would have to be built out of the world's globality field for the trip to Mars.

Whatever this happens, however, it is still completely open. In any case, the current timetable is very ambitious. This is not a # 39; The first time the project has been delayed for so many years. In addition, many of the plans could have been shelved or destroyed after the next election in the US in 2020. But experts believe that What kind of people are given on it? moon in the past decades.

Ultimately, the European spatial organization Ese is working on plans for a "moon town" known as the satellite surface, where hopes can live and work. It is designed for technical and medical exams for a longer distance to Mars, but also to explore its own moon.

Above, Mall Urs from the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Gottingen estimates that it is very important. "The moon is the archive of the solar system," he said. "To read and understand this archive, we need samples of any moon." As there are no tectonic planes, there is no magnetic field, and without the cleansing of the moon, all asteroid effects are recorded as a failure registrar; This means that a & # 39; moon is so exciting for scientists who want to understand Earth's Earth and the Solar System. In addition, its moon is much larger than just the decorative decoration of the earth: "No moon you can not think of the ground," said Mall. In fact, it would not even be a constant audience. Fixed days? Can you forget without the moon.

However, the question remains what he should do; moonlight for bullets of euros in the name of the search. Aboard people increase the cost of each spouse's spouse. How big is the resulting value that is controversial. Surely you can do a lot with robots, even though it's great for people to be around them, saying "Urs Mall:" At the end, it is always a money question. "

How and when Nasa and those people take the moon again: and it might be tight there. On 21st February, Israel Space IL's company is to send a new model of a private robbery to his / her; moon for the first time. And China is also planning several other missions in the # 39; Chang Chang program. In the long term, guided walks should be included.

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With "Orion" Nasa wants to build on the big times of the "Apollo" program. But so far nobody knows what targets the rockets and capsail will have to move to a single day.From the Alasdair tree

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