Amn Adib refers to a letter from a spokesperson to the army who was called to Haifa Wehbe (Video) t


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Media spokeswoman Amateur said the "speaker" the Israeli spokesman did not raise an army with Israeli Haifa Wehbe, an Arab host against Hezbollah, as it is coming from Israel.

He added to the program on Mp3 Egypt, Monday night: «The Arab world, despite 40 years of peace, has prevented Israel from being, not our own land, Jerusalem and Aqsa ».

"It is not matter in peace, security and security. You didn't come as a comedian Avichai. You work with Hezbollah, Israel does not understand our brain or our rights."

He said there had been 40 years since the peace agreement between Cairo and Tel Aviv had been signed on 26 March, and that opinion polls in Israel supported peace with Egypt.

An army spokesperson sent a letter to Haifa at his birthday, saying: "You are known for supporting Hezbollah, but Nasrallah does not have a Masari (money) for a gift. T

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