Among the great mysteries behind Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases lately?


A new study may be able to improve production in & # 39; understand neurodegenerative diseases. It provides an explanation for cell deaths behind disorder such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

In their study, published in the magazine Cell Reportsresearchers at the University of Virginia University of Medicine investigate the death of brain cells, which depend on the infectious erosion of patients with neurodegenerative diseases. This would be due to a genetic difference in predicted neuronal cells that were similar to genetic species.


Called "great trials", this genetic difference would explain why some neurons of the temporal lobe are the first one who dies in a case Alzheimer's Disease, or why dopaminergic neurons are the first ones who have suffered the Parkinson's. "This is a very open question in biology, especially for many neuro-degenerative diseases"says Michael McConnell, principal author."What's in an optional risk? What's in the beginning?"

The opinion of the researchers is their suggestion brain bored dotag with these genetic variations from youth, in which the Geology is the highest. The situation of the celles proved to change these changes (CNV) and their collection type of illness appear later in the life of the individual. Neurons would have a significant impact on the time lobby; means it looks like Alzheimer's Disease.

Mapping the problems

He is trying to analyze the Schizophrenia McConnell and his team found for her first time This genetic difference is in brain cells. a found separately because it offers a search route to understand them mechanisms behind him Schizophrenia but also depression, an bipolarity, The autism and other disorders, as well as the appearance of neurodegenerative diseases.

Further checks to improve springs here are needed variability and set up mapping of neuronal problems depending on the distribution of the CNV cableers in the brain. This study shows that even behind two canles similar to the same is much harder to hunt the proposition of mind.

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