"Amongst the most important values"


P. Rigas is an incredible emergency:

"The Armed Forces emergencies have been made in an incapable way, all of them who have been taken as officers are extremely capable," said National Defense Minister Panayiotis Rigas in interview with ALPHA.

"There have been two years of emergency. Armed Forces have been carried out in an amateur way, all those who are armed have been able officers. At the top of their pyramid , obviously, there are officers that have revived the emergency process that has been chosen over the years and that no-one has complained. Some of them go to the top. everyone to reach a roof, "he said.

According to Mr Rigas, "All those people are judged and are entitled to rulers and have led very strong units, have extensive knowledge of the Armed Forces and the critical areas. There is nothing to reduce the strength and strength of the Armed Forces with leadership. Among the values, the most valuable are ".

In terms of the Turkish disaster around Imia, the National Defense minister's minister said "normal activity has been done all year long. Turkey is sometimes increasing its negotiations and, possibly, His actions are what we say to the other side that they do not help in peaceful relations and the economic development of the department, whether they are reasonable or likely to be There is no case. "" Armed Forces are very strong, they have a great ability, they are peaceful. This is the message we put in, "Mr Rigas decided.

Last updated: Tuesday, January 29, 2019, 16:16

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