Amr Al-Leithi is delivering the "Uncertain" and "# 39; Really smile to Garma with the "One of the People" program (video)


Dr. Amr Al-Leithi said the program family "one of the people" is a " continue to remove the machine and the thermometer, and # 39; focusing on being a side of a hugely important field, telling him to be today's story of the one who is, fighting his name, added: "Jose worked Arzqi on a day-to-day case and a tenth part."

"Try a woman to buy and sell electric devices in installments so she would know how to pay her children and pay her rent for her furniture , but unfortunately she is struggling to pay and she has 15,000 pounds and has been raised by a case and has been ruled by 4 years, "said Al-Lethi in her. program.

Al-Laithi published the "Conspiracy" initiative in conjunction with the Ethnic Society for Comprehensive Development. He said: "Allah is a praise." In the case of Umm Saif, we can pay the amount. "

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