Amr Kamal, head of the Land Bank in broad talk: over 2.2 billion pounds and aims to move to profit next year


  • Last year, a 40% bank airport grew

  • We target 24 billion pounds of loan lending over the next two years

  • We succeeded in selling the turquoise hospital after 20 attempts failed

  • LE 1.4 billion to make fingers and information systems

Amr Kamal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arab Land Land of Egypt, has identified the key components of a bank restructuring strategy, aiming to strengthen strong support. main van for this strategy. He said that the new management strategy is aimed at placing his bank on his / her; A competition map between market banks after a long time The loss of a banking appointee. "The results that have been achieved over the last few times want hope and demonstrate the ability to achieve the objectives of the new management strategy, despite the extent of the problems faced by the collecting and challenging, aiming at attracting 44 new companies and companies that work in every area to deal with Turquoise hospital's sales after many efforts over the years, Left and not sell over 20 rockets, as well as boosting the archive archive

To reach 35 billion pounds, and increase their loan dolphin … And text to & # 39; conversation:

What are the main components of the new administration strategy. How do you deal with the problems?

A & # 39; The first thing necessary for the reform of a full bank of the board of directors to put the bank on the right, which was allowed by the & # 39; the main bank. I chose a homosexual team with mixed and diverse experience. The board has a high priority position for problems and reasons. Bankruptcy. Employment weaknesses and bank management are similar to those who are in a position; supports mortgage finance as well as human resources with sufficient training, with clear presence and direction and decline in the basic structure of its bank. Stop stopping & # 39; lose our key priority by going to & # 39; benefit from banking; regardless of size, by creating a variety of ways to employ and employ health; put his bank on & # 39; banking map. Over the last few months, we have attracted and lended 44 of the largest private centers in all sectors of the economy. Five million dollars were pumped to fund ships and ships in collaboration with German emigrant companies. In general, any bank's success depends on a diverse network of customers, whether there are tenderers or lenders. We are trying to reach the percentage of loans to investments to 70% in the future, compared to 60% at present, and employ more than 30% to invest in debt devices the government.

How does the strategy implement its financial indicators? bank in the last few months?

In terms of ships and savings vessels, their sources are multiplied. This growth increased to 40% over the period from 1 July 2017 to 30 October 2018 to reach 35 billion. B & # 39; and the regular loan bar at the end of September 12 billion pounds, the new loans and credit resources reached 3.1 billion during the year to 30 June 2018, compared to LE 1.3 billion on 30 June 2017, an increase of 1.8 billion pounds and growth rate of 138%. Unsecured loans fell to almost 3.8 billion bills of 6.1 billion pounds in just a few months, as all the simple debts were deleted as part of the restructuring.

What did you get when you got your job? And its size now?

Situated to about 2 billion pounds, and a gap of 4 billion pounds, which represents the difference between loan patterns that do not; Achievements and provisions are now completely excluded and achieve more than 2.2 billion pounds and we put all debt to death.

What about bank assets?

We received a reduction in our assets fund to EGP 2.6 billion, compared to LE 4.6 billion. We followed the scientific method of funding; the bank. Some hotel houses were developed to return to the bank. As current conditions are unfit for selling most of the property and this step will be back on the loss of its property; bank, he needs to look at them with a new idea for professional investment by developing them and being used as a prisoner for sale as shares and without professional assets. A profit on the sale of assets is 45%, and the fair tax is recognized when sold through the difference between the sale value and the real cost. There are some resources that we succeed in selling thanks to the investment of personal relationships, in particular Fayrouz Hospital in Dokki, where it was sold for Safa Hospital with a higher than expected bill of 136.5 million not. The contract was to benefit from the Ahli Bank and ABC International, where the bank department was 60%, Although the remaining department reached 40% for its National Bank and its. Banking Agency.

On the other hand, a professional hotel management team was appointed to run the Long Beach Hotel in Hurghada. The hotel received an income of LE 70 million and earned a profit of LE 18 million until the end of June 2018.

Does the bank launch new investment weapons?

Yes, it is liable to set a lease with a 100 million pound capital. At this time we complete the financial and technical checks to obtain the necessary permissions to proceed with the procedures for its & company

A banking community is sorry to say that the bank has a medium loan loan to your bank to support it in a & # 39; overcoming the global problems.

It is not only true that the Central Bank gave a loan with financial assistance. But we found some of the disagreements in line with the status and condition of Bank, and # 39; including the liberation from the compulsory security transaction on investments, which sends its & # 39; Bank lending LE 2.5 billion in the Board of Directors; at present. To take part in the 5% campaign for small projects as long as it is & # 39; The opportunity to participate in the 7% initiative for the financing of industrial and agricultural projects.

What about miniature?

The bank intends to invest money in the microfinance market. Tamweel has been in & # 39; gives a loan of 50 million pounds. The bank aims to submit a half-billion pound for the region over the coming months with a number of organizations.

How many branches are there?

Branches to bank reaching 27 branches and our bank is aiming to reach its branch network to 40 branches, including branches of 300 meters, small branches and ATMs that will be able to reach the Internet. haulking and investment work in critical areas and shopping centers. We have a plan to automate the machines and the automated information systems with investments of LE 1.4 billion by 2020. The Bank has a plan for geographical distribution in Greater Cairo, and Ayman Tulane , who was a General Manager of the branches, was employed by his / her; National Bank to improve the branches. The construction engineers bought their Allt Development Bank and had a & # 39; Most of the departments are located close to the place from bank offices. B & # 39; It is worth buying 140 million pounds.

When do we see a real estate bank to achieve profit?

Our main task is to prevent loss of bleeding and move to profit by the end of June 2019. By the end of June 2020, the bank will see bare operating profits and have a clear role at a & # 39; bank on banking map.

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