AMS will count on 1,200 trainees next year «


The next year's work was lost by 1200 people with private education centers, according to their "Der Standard" newspaper. The reason for this is the difficult program for the government to ask for a service of employment.

The AMS budget will be charged in 2019 with 1.5 billion euros. No actual numbers are still fixed. AMS Board of Directors have not yet agreed to the decision of their budget due to some open questions from the Finance Office. A meeting should be on Tuesday. However, this was suspended and deferred to December.

However, it is clear that the specific budget for a year will be to integrate an exile of 50 million exiles.

Support should be given to unpaid trainees

Michael Sturm, head of private education, estimates that half of the trainers will lose their job. find a new job. To help them, the social partners have launched a kind of foundation. This source of funding should be & # 39; allows senior educators to train themselves and be suitable for a new post. It is anticipated that the Public Employment Service will provide funding of approximately 7 million euros for this, requiring confirmation of a spokesperson.

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