An academic survey that warns the Balkanization of a Arab world to serve the "Israeli" interests


Gaza – Ma – # – a Award for Mahmoud's students Hilmi al-Faqawi at Al-Azhar University in Gaza Monday, a Masters degree in Middle East surveys, for his dissertation entitled "The Strategy Israeli Retail for Arab Related Nations 2011-2017 ". His committee discussed and judged by Professor Riad Al-Astal, Professor of Modern History at Al-Azhar University as director and director, Professor Osama Abu Nahl, Professor of History and Political Science, internal debate, and Professor Abdel Nasser Srour, Professor of International Relations at Al-Aqsa University. The Israeli plan is based on the excavation of the Arab nations in general, and the Arab countries that are in particular, and contribute to the projects developed and planned by the colony circles, which aimed at to & # 39; The separation of a Arab country from Morocco, by contributing to the Zionist entity in the heart of Arab's pain and distinctiveness of the Levant Divisions; through a series of agreements and agreements that will open the way to locate those areas, such as the Sykes-Picot Convention and the Balfour Declaration. Then agreements of arrangement and settlement with the Ottoman Empire and Germany. The study says that what is happening today is in the Arab world; continue on what was planned previously. According to the survey, the Israeli retail strategy is going to go; The attack of the nearby Arab nations aims to make the whole Arab sector to create weak states that are easy to control the wealth and resources of the Arab people and to ensure security "Israel" The survey said Israel is using a number of tools and ways to achieve that strategy by struggling with parts of the Arab department. Whether it is involved in cultural, generic, ethnic or national divisions, with the aim of removing civil wars among the components of the Arab communities. The study found that the strategy adopted by Israel largely on the Arab region is based on its fundamental opinion on the Balkanization of the Arab region, as it is considered a genuine -themes to make sure plans have an extension to their implementation. The problem of the study is that the true truth from Arab in all political, economic, cultural, social and territorial aspects of the Arab world is a challenge to the division and fragment of the Arab country. In an inner conflict, it is open to a systematic spiral strategy from Israel and its agents at the top of the pyramid in the imperial nations, unless the Arab countries have regard to what is planned, which aims to protect the wealth of the Arab country and preserve their mother The study concluded with a number of products, the most important of them is that the plans for the Arab world division and its breaking up the old new schemes, but at all levels the tools and tools of its work are expressed by the highest level and its regional and international circumstances. Israel is moving forward with its strategic objective to the United States division, as well as the efforts of the nations of the Zionist-American project and forces to divide the Arab states as competing countries, committees and divisions. In other words, an attempt to send a new Sykes-Picot agreement to the Arab department, is intended to be divided into what was divided into 1916. The study also shows that Israel can not continue a & # 39; Its expansion policy or even to be the strongest in the Middle East but only through friendship or friendship. Strong people support him to live and his / her. Given the necessary and moral support that he needs.
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