An accident near Rakoniewice. Two died


46 minutes back

Two were killed and one was injured in a road crash that took place on Sunday in the morning on the poviat road near Rakoniewice in the ghrodziski poviat (Wielkopolska province). The Mercedes brand car hit a tree.

As the CPP news officer told the Poleidhean Group in Grodzisk Wielkopolski, Kamil Sikorski, two passengers died in the accident, men aged 22 and 31.

"From the start of the police, Mercedes brands suddenly seemed to have moved slowly to the left and hit a tree on the road. Its impact on its & # 39; a carriage falls on the roof. The first reason does not change the distance to the conditions on the road. Grodzisk poviat, "said Sikorski.


As the commissioner, a car driver, a 24-year-old, went to hospital, the doctors consider his condition as a stable. "Blood was collected from the driver for sobriety exams," he explained.

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