An action group was created to investigate a businessman, EDSA killed the driver


MANILA – A special investigative executive (SITG) looks into the deadly burning of a businessman and his driver on EDSA, said Metro Manila police on Monday.

Two guns with a motorcycle on the Sabbath, a dead man José Luis Yulo, 62, and his driver, Allan Nomer Santos, long as they were aboard in EDSA-Reliance.

A victim-suffering woman, Esmeralda Ignacio, who was 38 years old, was injured in the daily daily attack in front of the VRP Medical Center, and the police said earlier .

SITG "Yulo" added the businessman to 8 guns, police head of Metro Manila, Director of Guillermo Eleazar, said.

Inspectors were still investigating how the bullets and fingerprints found were found on his / her; ban, Eleazar said. Its agency also has a & # 39; Looking for a search film that could show the way to escape the gunman, he said.

He found twelve empty shells and a deformed slug from the crime site, he said.

Inspectors will find more detailed information about the profile that dies from those who are experiencing live on Monday, police officer said.

The Sunday EDSA soldier went out despite the immunization of guns for Easter Sunday vows.

The police will urge local officers to investigate the prevention of two people who are not related to a & # 39; cycling one motorcycle to stop offending "riding against", Eleazar said.

Authorities are currently delivering "clean rider" stickers for a motorcycle, which is also subject to routine checks under "Oplan Sita," he said.

These measures were reduced by 2018 by half the offenses perpetrated by people who tried to ride a motorcycle, Eleazar said. He did not give extra numbers.

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