An action that offers Giotar Hero Live a & # 39; reimburses to US Users


Have you bought? Guitar Hero Live in the United States in the past calendar year? If yes, Activision offers you repayment on & # 39; game. The volunteer program, but after you hear the reasoning, you may read the information below and its & # 39; look for some receipts. There was a library of songs at the game to work together, until Activision stopped supporting the game in December 2018, and # 39; shut down GHTV and return to & # 39; Most of the library's music was cut down from 500 songs to 42. This game crash, which still played its play; game, & # 39; the company returned in response. You can get the reimbursement form here.

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Activision offers a volunteer rebate program for customers who purchased a Guitar Hero Live play system on or after December 1, 2017 in the United States. Users may be entitled to repayment if:

  1. They bought Guitar Hero Live in the United States during the period beginning on December 1, 2017 and ends on 1 January 2019;
  2. They will submit an Application Form completed by the date of 1 May 2019; and
  3. The purchase of Guitar Hero Live from December 2017 can be ratified by Activision

Disposable Users: The receipt of purchase rid of the application form is the best way to get a full repayment (up to MSRP).

Users reporting a credit card: Users can not send an Application Form by submitting a credit card statement to or hidden; Remove all information except the name, purchase date, store name, and cost associated with the purchase of Guitar Hero Live.

Fees free of charge or credit card statement: Unlicensed users or credit card reporting can submit a completed Application form, and Activision will seek to determine its suitability.

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