An aerodrome response gives encouragement to competitors; 10-year for professional advice


A 10-year-old boy who is dreaming of setting up his own airline wrote a letter to the director of Qantas Airways – Australia's oldest airline – to • asking for advice. He was surprised to hear from the person who sent him, inviting him to a meeting at the company's offices, reporting the portal

"I'm Alex Jacquot, a ten-year-old boy (please take lots) and I want to start an airline," wrote the child in the letter to Alan Joyce, the highest authority on Qantas Airways. The lad said: "I am the executive director of the airline, named Oceania ExpressHe explained that he has also recruited other leaders of the team with his friend Wolf, his co-founder and the director of the company.

After explaining that he has time off because he is on holiday and has already decided what 'types of aircraft' the new company will need, as well as the 'airlines,' on-board service and others ", Jacquot asked his colleague how the sleeping planters can help better when they fly a total of 25 hours between Australia and the British capital , London.

In his answer, Joyce replied that he usually doesn't advise his “competitors” but agreed that there was something special to do. Finally, having advised the child how to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers, t he was going to hold a meeting "compare views about how an airline is handled".

“And I would also like a trip; Through our operations center, where we watch each of the Qantas tours, wherever they are in the world, we tell you all, "said Joyce.

Afterwards, the child admitted that he had been delighted when he received the letter from Qantas Airways's executive director. "I opened the envelope once and read the letter quickly." […] I was so glad I was running around the house for ten minutesI can't believe it! "Alex said."

“I was also an amazing child about air travel and all its potential,” said Joyce to explain his decision. Meanwhile, Alex's mum said the family is waiting for the chief executive to confirm the deadline and the timing of the appointment.

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