An analysis generates genetic genetic claims of the UAE's genetic abuse


The Ministry of Health and Community Protection has launched a 1000-patient medical examination to understand the biggest specialist difficulties in the UAE community by; Using the genome and the application of patients with personal medication to give patients a proper diagnosis and treatment.

The medical examination, which was initiated with his or her office in 2017, was received by: Find out about new genetic methods that have not been met by previous scientific research. Dr. confirmed Yousif Mohammed Al-Sarkal, Deputy Department of the Hospital Department, is the innovative medical examination as part of the genome project, Healthcare Department to access new genetic psychology based on the use of genetic information.

"We investigate how strict information can be inputted and linked to genetic tests based on national abilities and in collaboration with the medical research centers best because this will have a significant impact on the future health policies of the country and its position as a global center for innovation in the health sector, "said Dr. Serkal.


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