An analysis of World Crafted Yoshi for Nintendo Switch


With our analysis of Saoghal Crafted Yoshi we are going to tell you if one of the highlights from 2019 is the platform for reflection, if it deserves and in all things are different from the previous games that played the Nintendo dinosaur.

Almost four years ago, in 2015, t Very good feeling He signed a tremendous platform for Wii U, World Woolly at Yoshi, with the return of the Nintendo dinosaur to a star in almost 8 years in the dry dock (from Graveitation Universal Yoshi for the Boys' Progress Game). .

Fortunately, this time we had to wait much less to meet again with Yoshi, one of the most beautiful and worst of all creatures of the Nintendo universe. Two years ago from Woolly World from Poochie & Yoshi, the extended version of Wii U, is now back with another fantastic platform, full of ideas.

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At first, that might seem World Crafted Yoshi, or “a hand-made world”, simply including the wool of the previous title for the charter, whether it is, the drawings and other materials which are commonly used for work. t crafts. But the change is more than it first appears … t

From a drama perspective, Crafted World Yoshi maintains its old character's style. It is 2D and hard platforms with some metrics and controls that will be familiar to many: if we blow up enemies we will throw them over as we can, if we continue to click on the "web float" button for a few minutes, we can fall "on the donkey" to cause more harm … it stands up to you, right?

Review Crafted World Yoshi

Even the option of promoting a silent mode is maintained, which provides some support, such as shields, which allow us to float air in ever … which really helps the and / or lesser species in the complex stages.

But, far from living, the game introduces the 3D section on a well-presented account, which adds extra depth to the game. Although we always move in a 2D plane, when we reach certain points of many levels, we can walk with the camera or "move away" to reach the camera. the bottom, to explore other routes and, for example, look for something we need to put on in the middle way.

That is, within 2D lines, different planes or routes are at many levels which give greater depth. This, together with the information that funds are hiding collections and materials of all kinds which we can interact with by laying eggs, add another layer to the gameplay that you can not see in other Yoshi games.

But, beyond the medals and tribe, Crafted World Yoshi is again a major lesson on how to design a 2D platform. Maybe it's a sex that saw a adventures, but the last thing of Good-Feel will be to make every step a little but enjoyable experience.

Review Crafted World Yoshi

The game is made up of 50 degrees in total, set in small subject areas, such as the ninja, spas, summery, jungle, flower … not more than 3 levels. Nearly all come from the starting point to the finish line, although we can see a little later, we just have to make the transition between the two sides " in each case.

Because, although the platforms are the main people, that's not a jump. There are, indeed, levels of pure and simple jump; are also the last ones. But many stages introduce a unique mechanic, which it keeps changing from start to finish.

There are levels where we carry a vehicle, such as the plane to which we have referred the progress of the game, or a sun car we need to avoid the mirrors in order to reach the finish line first. Elsewhere, we need to avoid lights so that persistent robots do not tightly us. In other places, we need to travel by river Ness by using water lilies and avoiding a fish pass … or even escaping from a follower of a dinosaur that is following us.

There are only three examples, but more: involved in a hunting gallery on a mobile train, to hang circles in a time limit … Some of these are "challenging" ( a word that even appears in the name of the stage), indicating that we should try to beat times or scores. Why? Well, according to our results, we can find more or less flowers, which are the most important collection of the game.

Review Crafted World Yoshi

These “currency swaps” are available so that we can get to certain points of a world map (or medium world from which we reach the standards) that we can find the route allows us to access new areas or areas. At all levels, whether or not we are challenged, there are a number of different flowers and, the more we find and find, the easier our progress is (unless you are above). Yes, we must return the rates to get more).

Some flowers are hidden in the hard to reach levels. Others seem to unite when a cloud of blood burns (which can be seen when passing their hiding place), some of which we need by performing a specific activity, such as a series of clouds. Blue coins in a short time … as you can see, the area is covered within each level.

In addition, other flowers correspond to the three fixed challenges of each stage, and we will find them by gathering 100 or more coins, reaching with a total of 20 overall points (measures of dimension are available). and clouds for some return life points) and assemble 20 red coins, which look like "normal" coins, but are located in more hidden spots or needing to do something special.

Thus, although work is relatively more or less straightforward in most cases (we will discuss this later), a further 100% issue has been concluded. Some are easier than others, but there is more than one effort to find everything.

Review Crafted World Yoshi

And there is still more: all levels are good, one to see is to be over (not 100%) offers another challenge. As it's the "back side" of the cardboard, we can play "side B" on the level where we aim to find three hidden Poochie pups at the level, and each flower will give each one (and if we exceed the limit in time limits, other flowers). Some Pots are getting faster, others are in places where it is difficult to get in, others can only pick them up by throwing an egg.

More? When we complete a area, we ask our character to complete additional commissions, such as getting money in a series of crafts (a house made by bottle, 5 seagulls …) that gives us a flower for each activity. completed. .

Review Crafted World Yoshi

Even the last ones World Crafted Yoshi, which themselves have intriguing puzzles in themselves, we can take them back once before, to address new challenges such as doing a particular task (such as "hitting them in the back") or apply to a time limit. As you can see, everything has been designed and designed to bring it back to maximum size.

And do we say the coins we collect in the levels need? Well, they do. Each of the six units usually has a device with 10 prize balls, with prices ranging from 100 to 250 medals. Each member circles a craft to dress Yoshi's clothes, moving from the simplest cars to the cattle, beasts, creatures games, plugs … All open (178 in total) another activity. time and commitment is required. If you have amiibos, you can bring more clothes,

Review Crafted World Yoshi

As we expected, World Crafted Yoshi It's a rational game as a rule … even though that doesn't make it easy. Finishing the story can take about 10-12 hours, but not even the stage of 100% you have not seen the end of any larger games.

And, as Super Mario Odyssey, having seen the video with its credits, we open a new area, with the last five levels (which close the 50 so we named) and a more obvious problem, which relies on the detail of the Leap, which also allows us to gather more flowers to introduce each new level.

Analysis Crafted World Yoshi

A challenge for collectors who are finally striking off in a stroke that being feeling game is easy. It's not hard to finish, see it and everything, work that is available to most patients and skilled because, as we said, flowers are made.

Add the formula for a local collaborative for two players, which we can share with a friend in the desktop (and TV, in fact) mode, each player uses Joy-Con, and does an attractive and enjoyable result.

Review Crafted World Yoshi

For all of this, another example of Nintendo's experience is Crafted World Yoshi, and its associated studios, when it comes to creating stage games. A kind that shows joy, but what it continues to recreate and incorporate specific ideas and knowledge.

With this latest production, Nintendo Labo is now on its way to Nintendo Switch, and it puts it on a world class, smart, innovative and beautiful service, uniting with other materials for all types of content. T proved to be very successful.

Review Crafted World Yoshi

So, as soon as we can investigate a business factory, such as traveling through a room (with a modified heavier change) or visiting “notorious” levels. All of these areas take great care of the care, placing on the screen, materials, surface and crafts that could “do hands”, and which also provides a tremendous pleasure, t it is particularly noticeable in the video series, before final editions (and that we do not reveal to you not to split).

In this sense, though the game is like a pop-up story, the story is very foolish enough to miss a daring adventure. The discussions, although they are sympathetic and very local to Castilian, follow that line too.

Review Crafted World Yoshi

Finally, the soundtrack, as is usual in all Nintendo representations, is vibrant to say enough. Amongst her 20 songs, it is difficult to find one who isn't … and you won't see yourself drawing on your songs without asking for them. Or even repeating the sounds and little voices of Yoshi (as my son already does). In the piece of plot, there was little to fight.

For all this, World Crafted Yoshi It is published as a comprehensive and fun platform, with the ability to surprise and challenge different levels, and two "levels": one at a realistic price which allows people to enjoy and cross t more challenging for those who want to go to 100%.

It is possible to say that the discipline introduces a small number of emotion, that the story is lazy, some are very good … but from a distance, and with the game at rest, It's a fantastic platform which reminds us of 2D developments. It's not all said yet.

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