An analysis shows that the brain is in a position; reward you for eating


Mexico City.- It is known that good food helps to spread dopamine, good hormone, and now human study Max Planck Institute for the Metabolism Researchthere Germany, which has been released dopamine in the brain at two different times: At this time swallow the food and whenever he gets to the stomach.

The author Marc Tittgemeyer, head of the Institute's Neurocircuitery Translation Group said:

With help from a new way Tomography of Positron Ferry (ThePET) which we have put forward, we can not only find the two peaks of dopamine distribution, but we also have identified specific aspects of the brain associated with these solutions. Although the first spread in brain divisions related to an awareness and reward awareness, distribution post-inclusion Additional departments related to exciting promotional activities "

In the study, published in the magazine Stone metabolism, 12 healthy volunteers received a tasteless solution or untouched solution while the data was recorded through PET. Interestingly, the demand or demand for shaking was related to dopamine level that was discharged in some areas of the brain at the moment; first taste. But more than a desire, the smallest dopamine application will be released.

On the one hand, the distribution of dopamine reflects our strategic desire to eat food. On the other hand, our request appears to prevent dopamine distribution that is triggered by its & # 39; disease, "said Heiko Backes, head of a group of Multimodal photographs of Cerebral Metabolism at the Institute and the first author in the study with Sharmili Edwin Thanarajah.

They can prevent them from being discharged by the disease causing a food supply that is very willing.

We still eat until dopamine is released enough, "said Backes,

He said that this idea has not yet been confirmed in subsequent studies. The previous tests have shown that dopamine has been encouraged by its & # 39; love in beliefs, but this is the first time it has been shown in humans, according to the authors of the work.

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