An Angel for Alfaro? – 03/01/2019


González, from Godoy Cruz, is one of the players that Boca has the ports to reinforce himself. On the right, with a good position and by visiting scratch, he can both play as a midfield and as a tree. Colo Colo wanted to be taken away but Mansur stopped him: he said he would let him go away for fear of appearing in Europe. Can Burdisso Determine?

It is rebuilding itself against what comes to Boca's goals, which recently gave Gustavo Alfaro as a technology. With the Alonso Junior Paraguayan falling, now the guns xeneizes a & # 39; celebrating a player who could, by considering his & # 39; coach, give more crew fly to the team. Who is there? De Angel Gonzalez, the right range of Godoy Cruz, who attempts to eliminate San Lorenzo and Colo Colo after he has had a great deal in his. tour.

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After leaving a Chinese club after appointment of president; Tomba's company, José Mansur, said that González Godoy Cruz was the only opportunity to have something from Europe to do; appear. However, Boca was the eye-maker, who could change his mind.

"It's a middle park that can play on the right and on the left, it's quite wide and it's hard working hard on the effort.

Diego Davobe, former Godoy Cruz coach

By contract to 2020 and a final clause of about five million dollars, the River would also be investigated to González. "It's a middle park that can play on the right and on the left, it's quite wide and it's hard working hard on the effort. Both Boca and River could play like himself, "he said in the first edition of the Oral Deportiva now the coach of Young Juniors, Diego Davobe, which he led to a few weeks ago by Godoy Cruz.

Ángel González doubled the Tomba

Love by A. Gonzalez (G). Union 0 – Godoy Cruz 0. Date 10. Super League 2018/2019. Video: Sport TNT.

The Boca does not look for a player with these features to be due to the way in which the player can not. Pablo Pérez could leave and even Nahitan Nández, who wants to develop the contract after offering a Cagliari bid.You also need to see what happens to Fernando Gago, who is waiting to find out long for the injuries he has suffered in the & # 39; Final of the Libertadores against the River. On Thursday, he appeared on crutches to listen to his first lecture about Alfaro but the future is not yet known.

The truth is that Gonzalez is in the pack. Is it Angel Alfaro?

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