An angry letter from Haifa Wehbe's daughter on her mother's birthday. Did you mean shame?


Haifa Wehbe's daughter built the controversy after she had talked loudly about the behavior of some mothers when the Mother's Day celebrations were taking place this month, and he published a message about Another event in the instagram also happened on the day her mother celebrated her birthday.

Haifa Wehbe and her daughter

Did Haifa Wehbe's daughter intend to attack her birthday?

The daughter of Haifa Wehbe, Zeinab Fayyad, wrote a letter to her, saying, 'some mothers are mixing with the word because it is a mother's word and we say goodbye to our Lord. for women. Just as they were born. ".

Haifa Wehbe's daughter

Haifa Wehbe's daughter's letter raised the controversy surrounding the issue of nostalgia about some mothers, especially since she was in disagreement and dissatisfaction with her mother for many years, and continued in her message: "Who who own or are talking about a mood of feelings, write to him with his name, because of his honor and respect for the respect of people who were respected not keeping a minute of the Lord coming into the sky and ignoring all his life information.

Haifa Wehbe's daughter

Haifa Wehbe's daughter revealed that she was suffering from these types of mothers by wanting to avoid them, saying that no life is to stand on anyone, and that a move away in this case helps psychological comfort. which describes her situation with her mother after moving away from childhood due to family problems to date.

Some of her letters connected her daughter Haifa Wehbe's birthday and her birthday celebrations yesterday with her friends and audiences and the desire of her daughter to tempt her at this time.

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