AN-DIUGH / With over 70%, men still find HIV search guidelines


Out of 1,443 people diagnosed with HIV last year, 71% were male and 29% were women, as well as 392 AIDS cases, and were aged between 20 and 34 years, change in records that responded to previous years. , according to data from Pronasida.

On the situation, Dr. Tania Samudio, Pronasida's director, is the fundamental point in which he wants to achieve an effective response to education, the promotion and prevention of disease-oriented diseases.

With regard to the cure given to the people who were proven, he explained that he had three medicines in his / her; current drug in one record, one dose.

"We have antiretroviral drugs, we are not inactive, or in special immunizers for a HIV program, which must be different from the normal athletes. ; everyone needs to stay with HIV or not. We are a Program as the reference center for special entrants, who are the fast exams, the test exams, which are in West Side, the virus virus and CD4 inspection checks and the viral plasma device, "he explained.

The HIV test contains sphilis and hepatitis free, the results are secret and they are; requiring them for at least 30 minutes that do not require a medical order because it is voluntary.

Samudio urged people to take the free and secret free trial to start cure and in that sense he said that the MSP offers a range of services to users such as entry, surveys, antiretroviral drugs, in the 18 Health Divisions and, in particular, in the comprehensive care services, found in twelve Health Areas.

Every year, on 1 December, the World AIDS AIDS has been identified, which aims to raise awareness of education and promotion. "We are constrained by the training structure and professionals offering critical and ongoing exams for all users and our work is to help us to prevent , promoting care to prevent transmission, "he said.

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