An electric shock unexpectedly: why can he make wings for Valančiūnas, and "Raptors" for destruction?


John, without an allegation, came to Atlanta on Thursday with all the Eubhartaich and was now preparing to return to the park after nearly two months of emergency breakdown due to lack of order .

"I know anything – we have a good team and a clear future ahead. I just want to go to playground, play and win. I like Toronto and I want to stay here," said Valančiūnas .

However, the JV lost an unpleasant and unpleasant career by President Rasa Masai Ujiri and Nick Nurse's First Coach just a few hours before a game by Hawks.

"It's a sad and sad conversation. And very emotional. It's an amazing personality that gave us everything to the club. We've spent time together, and so we'll lose it, "they said longer.

John is not now putting his 17th Raptors shirt, and his last piece was his; defense of Toronto Club is an unfortunate cut and pain of the Worm of the Blue over her hand, and the end of her. disease.

J. Valančiūnas is from the 2nd Best Team at the East Conference (40/16), which is also taken to this year's NBA Higher, and Going to the second worst Western team (22/34), one of the key goals of the season may be the desire to live at the bottom of the league – between eight NBA outside, because only "accomplishment" so let's keep his first round of this year's new export.

What is waiting for Iain in Memphis? Can he play there in 30 minutes and be a leader of Grizzlies? What kind of environment and hands will it get? Why did the Raptors decide to convey his loyal hero of Lithuania? And is Mr. Gasolis, who is a 35 year old player – better than JV?

It's about the special television broadcasting of DELFI by an expert NBA and Roku Grajauskas worry expert.

– Rock, what was the first answer? When did you see the story that Mr Valančiūnas was moving from Canada to the US?

– I can not tell you about your first response, because here the sky is not able to shout loudly in Russia, or for a big shadow. And so it was probably my first minute moments at home.

– Is it more surprising or disappointing?

– And from that, and out of it. It is unlikely that the most fascinating thing in Memphis is, and Grizzlies is the most popular team to watch regularly, but now, in fact, everything is change. Then Valančiūnas arrives there and we hope there are very interesting things.

But that's just a & # 39; my first answer. And when these feelings and their first motivation arise, the more they change, the more.

– Given that John was very loyal and loyal to the Eubhartaich club and spent his career at the NBA so far, maybe his own opinion might have been very positive?

– I do not think that. He was obviously trying to stay in Toronto and he loved the city, that club. Even though that team was not as competent as his position in Toronto, where everything was not designed in roses and there were many reasons for any other player to & # 39; Raising the waves and complaining about the situation, we'll get to & # 39; believes that J. Valančiūnas – a man connected to places. John was always an example of teamwork and seeking general goals outside personal ambition – the type of NBA league that should be done; look good.

That's why, in fact, it is even more difficult to see such a thing; work. But the phrase that is used frequently in the NBA – that is businessThis Post Office was the decision made by the Boats and the decision was made.

– This year, J. Valančiūnas would have been playing in the NBA for the sixth year after him, but now he will not see them. This is a good news for Lithuanian and Doman Adomaitis team fans, but the athlete should have a double blow: to be exchanged and to remain vitally important.

– & Probably, you will not get into your head. However, it may be the biggest beat because you're going to; leaving that team and his home; Name your NBA career. Whether you're going to a good or poor team, it's a secondary school, but when it's a good, hitting, it's another problem breathing. Now Valančiūnas is not easy and needs to be strong.

At least one thing that should be enjoyed in this situation, although the small town in Memphis, there are people in the area in the area, and look at it; basket and self help. If J. Valančiūnas plays any compassion, and we know that, since he does not learn all his career, he will love him with great love and affection. And if you just want to stay in Memphis, people do not like it less than in Toronto, or even more.

– Toronto is no longer a source of love and hate for Lithuanian basketball fans, but still with your eyes, the Raptors won Mr Gasol for Valančiūnas, Delon Wright and Mr Miles? Did the Towerers really strengthen? Due to the fact that the previous NBA players, Paul Pierce and Tracy McGrady on ESPN air were saying that the Raptors were not exposed; get anything better than that.

– A big question. Many people debate and write; debate. My eyes – maybe this is the season. In the long term, no. Mr Gasol is 34 years old and does not rise.

Mark knows how he will win at the highest level and has a lot of knowledge in the playoffs. Also, it should be flexibility for the team. But on the other hand, the midfielder was not the weakest place in the Exit Club at the moment, and he did not. It is the target that most of the people of the tower would have to be present during this exchange window.

But it may be the highest name that the Raptors could get through the exchange, while at the same time a bit of a response; The Milwaukee Bucks (supported by Nikola Mirotiči – DELFI NBA) and 76ers Philadelphia (Tobias Harris who received) – DELFI NBA). I think there is a fear and some fear of Ujiri about those steps, so he wanted to answer and strengthen the team.

There was nothing else in my eyes. The last time played by J. Valančiūnas against Joel Embiid, the game ended in one of the gates – J. Embiid (5/17 throws, 10 points) last on the bay and scratched the head badly because John dropped almost 30 points (26 points 18 mins – DELFI NBA). It is the real dominance of JV. After that, the game was in uniform that Mr Valančiūnas has many properties in the head of J. Embiido. So, it seemed like me just like a Raptors card that could face Philadelphia.

– Raptors can be said to move to "va bank" and to push all their teams on this season. But if they can not go back to the NBA SuperFinal again, can we click on a button to sink?

– Yes, maybe. Already at the time of the Kawhi Leonardo exchange, the same could be said, and now the risk has doubled. They invest in this season and short-term success.

Leonard may still be following this season, and Gasol will continue for a few years at a high level. But there is also a danger that you gave the loved ones of the fans, symbols of their club – DeMar DeRozan and J. Valančiūnas, and if not done, those conclusions will be remembered and treated as mistakes.

– This season, Valančiūnas played only a 18.8 minute average in Toronto after 12.8 points and 7.2 revival. Can we expect John's place in Memphis and significantly higher personal statistics?

– Of course it is. Memphis plays for almost a & # 39; media for this moment. Joakima Noah, who is very fast in 34 and got rid of for a few minutes while the team was M. Gasolis.

I'd like to believe that John will play there in 30 minutes, but it's still difficult to judge. I want this to be a case and for collecting 20 points and 10 computers. who. average.

It will depend on the aims of Memphis – whether they want the games that can be lost and save those bids, whether they want to fight and compete. If the second option is, J. Valančiūnas will continue on his / her behalf for a long time, giving him the balls in his / her; pity, let them play back in the basket and go to; pick up points effectively. This is a wonderful vision that we see Iain who is very fond and well-suited, a man who likes the place and is very happy.

– From the view of Mr Valančiūnas, two newcomers with the Mike Conley may have more privacy than transmitting their & # 39; game with Kyle Lowy?

– It's hard to say. In this season, Lowry's performance is much more effective than Conley. When it turned out that Mr Valančiūnas's exchange was already going on, I just prayed for all the basketball gods that Grizzlies put on Mr Conley for Ricky Rubio because there were many speeches Jazz Utah has been very interested in such a chance. And with R. Rubio, who will first broadcast broadcast, & # 39; Seeing that Valančiūnas would have been very interesting. But Conley is also a basketball basketball player and a man who is constantly knocking on the NBA All Stars game door.

– In your opinion, how long will John own her & # 39; live in Memphis? After all, the contract will finalize next season

– It's interesting how Iain will look. It now needs to avoid harm, increase in value and play for use in Memphis. If it's going on well there and it is used reasonably and will not be kept on it. bench, that is, to say, for a good reason, it seems like to stay in that team.

– Grizzlies play at home with Pelicans New Orleans at night between Saturday and Sunday. Is it reasonable for J. Valančiūnas to be the first time in the new team this weekend?

– I think that, since more than two days have passed.

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Lithuania, Toronte, who spent the NBA at the Raptors club, played 470 matches with 5524 points, including 3961 and his / her; 479 hindering.

In the summer, JV will have the opportunity to decide on the future. The player will have the right to & # 39; Increase its potentially manageable contract to earn $ 17.6 million in the 2019-20 season or not; Use this opportunity to become a voluntary insurance.

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