An electronic hit in Villa Lugano: A woman died and a man is in a bad state


He is a man and a woman, who is 35 years old; they went into heartbeat

A 34-year-old woman died in Villa Lugano, and a person is in a bad state in the hospital, as a result of an electricity in his & her; that community in Buenos Aires.

The event was 12, on Dellepiane Street to 3900. "Unfortunately, the lightning in this case hit the people completely," said SAME, Alberto Crescenti, in a conversation with LN +.

"We put four blades and we moved forward," he said.

The woman was 34 years old. The person, at the same time, is about 38 years old. According to Crescenti, he put his "beam" on his shoulder and came out of his phevis. " He has several burns and was taken to Piñero Hospital.

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