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Urban Health Department Vila Velha, who investigates the case

Urban Health Department Vila Velha, who investigates the case

Photo: Town Hall Press Release Vila Velha

A Health Check on Vila Velha Thursday (28) announced that there was another child who was learning in the crèche that had a horrific fracture to an ICU hospital in a private hospital in Serra.

This child is one of the people who were taken to hospitals early in the illness but was released. At home, the situation got worse and was sent to the hospital ICU. The child's age was not shown.

Since the announcement was made, six victims have been registered:

a 2-year-old boy, who lived in an ICU at a private hospital in Vila Velha, has finished. dying Wednesday (27)

child is 2 years old and goes to the ICU at a private hospital in Vitoria

the child is now an ICU of a private hospital in Serra

is a child just in hospital for looking at Vila Velha

two children who were being treated and never stayed in hospital


Six children from one A Vila Velha was given a private private care center with symptoms similar to diseaseThree, in poor condition. One of them died. A third child is observed. The other two men were released.

This Thursday (28) it was announced The six children from the same nursery class got out sick. She was cured and released.

Despite the situation, Vila Velha had the law to take control of the issue in the city, with a specific case registered in the nursery. The situation is still being examined by surveillance and epidemiological surveillance of the area.

In an interview with him CBN Radio Vitoria, Visc Velha's Viscounto-palate veteran coordinator Vila Velha, and urban health surveillance manager Flávia Costa, said the signs started in the children on this 15th of month but were told. am baile the 22nd, at 7.30 am. .

The nursery is closed on Wednesday (27) for site inspection and investigation and a cultural experiment has been carried out to ascertain if the bacteria are unstable or not and what type it is.

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