An excellent trip to the Xeneize area


End of & # 39; Cup Libertadores, of course, a round trip. On November 10, without any problems, his first duel was played in the Bombonera. But on the 24th of the same month, the next sea is Memorial Cairn. After the incident of a son Beulspread. Finally, after several days of incognica, date and place were explained: December 9th in Santiago Bernabu.

But, this definition of Conmebol soldiers try to put chapters in. This time, the strange news came from the "Xeneize", from the team's players Guillermo Barros Schelotto They made a very special demand.

Is that after the struggle and the tension for so many days to be taken in, and in a further way due to the different alternatives of the duel before the River, herring players needed La Ribera a little sense of holidays to finalize a bit more relaxing.

That's why, according to a public TN, the players asked the leaders to join the comedian to Madrid Roberto Moldavsky, as they thought it could provide a good division of satisfaction to the organization, which helped reduce the tension that the latter made to the main party.

And the players' desire was fulfilled. At 1.30 m on Wednesday, when the aircraft that the crew brought to Spain took place, there was room in the "top, top, top of the humor" in a & # 39; plane.

"They asked me from Boca to invite me and then I got out about the social networks in the school's idea. I do not know what the idea was; but in the invitations a man has ever been caught. When they give you chocotorta no one can ask who boiled it, "says the comedian, at the base of the plane already, in a conversation with Sper Miter Sport.

And he said: "In fact, I come as a fan. I did not ask me to do my show, or for hosting the players. We have good ideas since I played at the last bicampeonato shows and it was good, so they invited me. It is an act that I'm giving it, for everything that happened in that event, and so I'm going to do it. going, how I had been so many other trips ", ampli Moldavsky. In some situation, I recognize if there was an opportunity to return to act for the school "I like me".

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