An expert tells of the best Volvo V50 from the secondary market: AvtoMedia: VladTime


Its Swedish charter, despite a 270,000 km run, won a very good situation for all parts and assemblies.

AutoMafia bloggers launched a Volvo V50 online review of the Swedish cars with a diesel engine. It is noted that its & # 39; car, and a used car body, there are no weaknesses, but for small scratches that can be hiding by gutting.

All parts of the Volvo V50 have "indigenous" paint, and all parts and assemblies are in an absolute position. There are no scratches and scratches on a car doorbox, and the buttons are & # 39; preserving the activity completely. The seats are covered with leather, but are almost not disturbed.

The Volvo V50 wheel controller also won its original appearance. It was a little bit on the peat room; in the same difference in the cabin of the carriage. Back row seats also do not comment on blogs. The department has extensive luggage.

The Volvo V50 engine is very clean, and the engine works well. Also under the hood, nothing has changed, the hood itself is not also turned. "Universal, without shame," – concluded the survey of the experts.

Dmitry Pavlichko


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