An expert who expresses the lack of recordings of documents; meaning implants and call for moratarium


Professor Corinne Haioun requires interdisciplinary suspension of some meaning implants, which may be linked to canal development.

Corinne Haioun is one of the pathologists in the Lymphopath network, which lists all lymphomas in France. It is the responsibility of the Lymphoid Hematology Unit at Henri-Mondor Hospital in Créteil and a member of the Board of Directors of a network that is involved in lymphoma research (LYSA). In recent years, she has a special interest in this new disease related to her; Using breast chest implants: large anaplastic cell lymphoma (ALG). This review is part of the publications on the "Implan Files", run by the international conference of research journalists (ICIJ), in which Invest Cell of Radio France a & # 39; take part.

Franceinfo: Is there a big increase in France in the number of large lympomas anaplastic stone that is attached to a breastfeit fiscal?

Corinne Haioun The number of cases marked in France 56, with twelve new cases annually. But the frequency of recital has increased dramatically in the past few months. We identified five new issues in the growth only. This describes our concerns.

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The data we have collected allows us to say that the shoes we call "Inish", from"Rough", certainly relies on this new illness. As we have been able to have a detailed look at each case, we see that lymphoma has not been in & # 39; grow around shoes with a smooth machine.

Women who have a chemist surgery affect women, who have got bristles affected by cancer reconstruction?

That's sure. Today, of the 40 French cases that we have made detailed analysis, we can say that a half of women who develop lymphoma have cancer history. Others spread this disease after a cosmetic surgery.

Is there a difference between middle-grade pants and macrootextured brooches? Can you have a fingerprinted implants?

They can. We have had symptoms of lympoma on median bumps. This information still needs to be deepened. The problem is that there is a lack of records in France, as meaning implants are found. It is an antique task that we need to do, to go and go. View all files of patients with lymphoma patients. These women are not always the owner of the cards that are; show the kind of brushes sent to them. And sometimes they are cautious at several surgical sites. It is very urgent that a national record will be established so that this information can be found.

With your data, should we stop it? text chronicles in France?

I think that. My decision may be a little quick because the number of cases is still quite limited: 54 cases, although 450,000 to 500,000 women are estimated to be able to; translate meaning implants in France. But as far as concerns are concerned, it is still very simple, it seems to me today that it is not fitting to put on these women's invitations, at any stage without being & # 39; inform them in detail. and not specifically telling them about the other options. It's not the same way to shoes that are suited to them. It is also up to plastic surgeons to answer those questions. Perhaps there is a moratorium, interim suspension while the data is analyzed in detail.

Until March 2018, in France, the text brooches were the only ones that would be back with Health Insurance …

It is clear that it is not right. In the United States, we have many printed protheses. And what we learn from our data in our record, as far as the analysis is available today, it seems that there are no fixed shoes connected to it; risk of developing lymphoma. They appear for more discomfort, surely they will problem situations, but at least they are worthy of consideration in certain situations.

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