An image of Captain Dreyfus was set up in Tel Aviv


An image of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, an unfortunate warrior of the "Dreyfus affair", divided into late 19th century France, set up a Tuesday in Tel Aviv, was attended by two descendants.

The image, which is offered by Paris, is a replica of the one made by Louis Mitelberg, Tim said and replaced the place of 1994 Pierre-Lafue, in the 6th place.

The event was held in the presence of a hundred people including the Tel Aviv Chief Executive Ron Huldaï and the Maritime Navy, Anna Hidalgo.

Charles Dreyfus, grandson of Captain, cousin-cousin Yaël Perl Ruiz, and Martine by Blond-Zola, grandson, Emile Zola, one of the well-known Dreyfus celebrities, are present at this event. ceremony, organized as part of the France-Israel 2018 seasonal season, a series of events between the two countries.

"Dreyfus's case is part of the French history but it is also part of that of Jewish people and so it was so important that it is here in Paris," said AFP Mr Dreyfus, 91, who said he was "really moved".

Yael Perl Ruiz, who started this four year ago, said that he was "aware that this was not very well known for young generations in Israel and it seemed to be important (…) trying to reach a very real presence and to identify this presence in a permanent way ".

Alfred Dreyfus (1859-1935), a French official of the Alsatian Jewish descendants, was banned from criminal behavior when the first political crisis began at the beginning of the Third Republic, "the Dreyfus affair," which divided French ideas into two enemy clans. He was convicted of changing and attacking his life, was subsequently pardoned and brought back after a knitting look that had been a key part of his arrest .

The bronze statue of Tim founder, commissioned by the French Culture Ministry, was set up in 1988 at the Jardin des Tuileries before being moved to the present place in 1994.

She produces Alfred Dreyfus, in full leg, and & # 39; Holding his information was broken after a humble edition 5 January 1895.

The copy was sent in the middle of Tel Aviv, near the oldest house in the town.

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