An Indian teenager is dying away from flying the eggs in his brain – 29-Mar-2019 t


A 18-year-old man from Faridabad, India, was sent to a crisis department for suffering from insects but he was not until he found MRI to find many "serious weaknesses" well-defined as the brain.

The common burns, which the doctors described, were compatible with neurocysticercosis, a neck infection of the central nervous system.

The disease comes from an larvae, which are raised in the middle of the nervous system, muscles, skin and eyes.

According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, Nishanth Dev and S Zafar Abbas doctors were unsure of the teenage physical examination.

"His parents told him he had been suffering in the right sun for a week."

"It was raining over the right eye and the joy in the proper test."

The MRI showed that the crests of a cerebrral cortex (the thin layer of brain covering the outer part) had been damaged by the cough, the brain brain, and the cerebellum that sits at the back. heads above the back court.

Despite the fact that the teenager received two weeks later.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that people can be taken after eating food under food, "particularly pigs, or contaminated water with sharp-edged eggs, or through bad weather." hygiene. "

If they fail to handle the spy can live in the body for many years.

The WHO also says the disease is a major cause of epilepsy and a common cause of seizures.


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