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Cancer prospects may be in a large number of people older than 45

Santo Domingo, RD.- One in four men over 50 years, half of those older than 60 and 80% of people over 80 are suffering from unusual hyperplasia prostateIt is an inappropriate growth of this male gland that is inactive; compress the urethra and create urine problems.

The doctors Octavio Cruz Pineda, urologist transplantologist and oncologist, doctor Jazmin Garcia, from the Savia care, describing her & # 39; case was November the male health month.

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A large percentage of males may have more than 45 years of cancer, so it is recommended that the specialist, as a measure of banned, be visited by Cruz Pineda.

The new scientific and transplantologist studies are the international figures and make sure that the 250 of these new cancer cases are planned in the United States, this is the second most common among people, after skin cancer. The doctor's recommendation is that men are going to the specialist and their; investigating their Protestant, after age 50.

The disease

For his part, Dr. Garci'a that prostate cancer is categorized by a risk group, a relatively low or very low risk component that does not always have to be treated. This, according to a number of factors, is expressed.

According to the expert, this group is determined by a special antigen-prostate (PSA) study, tumor size, patient age and life expectancy.

"An older patient with a prostate cancer is often at risk often giving treatment to treatment because it is a patient with other features that oppose his life before it comes to Any bit of knowledge, "he said.

He explained that a patient with cancer prostain, an age of over 80 years and despite other problems, should be treated because it is more likely to die from other diseases and not the tumor. These are often called "informal" tunnels.

But older people are not only available in this situation, too, young men who have a serious risk can not be cure and keep track of the behavior of the tumor.

In this case, the doctor explained that the revitalization and the PSA have been made several times a year and if something is weird, a biopsy will occur and the patient will be able to do so; decide whether medicine is needed.

He explained that this type of continuation should be made for patients who are committed to consulting each other.

García said that there is a group of people who are being treated, so the international proposals from the age of 50 are that the person is talking to her; He has a bottle about his danger and determines whether it is essential to be a PSA. In addition, they suggest that this valuation is not celebrated after 70 years, because at this age it will be high and then patients will be detected and treated without use.

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