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The skiing area of ​​the Vratislav Mynar Chancellor had unexpected control. Czech Environmental Survey staff investigated whether the Chancellor needed to collect stamps for water for its slopes of snow.

"On 15 January, the Czech Inspectorate did a non-prominent study of this area," said Erik Geuss, a Czech Environmental Inspector.

Chancellor Mynář built a water reservoir at its ski resort in Auschwitz, but without the necessary permissions. The pond also uses the pool to snow down the slopes.

"Osvětimany is a black waterproof building," said Jan Pášma, spokesman for the Uherské Hradiště office, The chancellor could not allow the lunch to be built.

Since its premises are not allowed to define the Chancellor because building licensing in the Czech Republic is very long. "I have to say so far, unfortunately, although we asked for additional building permissions several times, due to the death of several landlords, we have not succeeded in completing it -the case of an estate, "said Mynar.

But, as confirmed by his home office in Uherské Hradiště, Mynář and his company O.L.G.A. they did not ask for a building permit at all. "The application for building permission for the reservoir or lake was never built for the local water authority," said Pasha.

The Office did not know about the black building until 2015. Afterwards, the company Mynář requested an additional building permit. Things are still going on.

However, as Chancellor Vratislav Mynář does not have permission for lunch, he is not allowed to take water away from snow to snow. "Up to the present day, the water activist was not allowed to collect water under the Water Act," said Pashma.

And just because of the mandatory licenses, inspectors of the Czech Environment Inspector of the Mynář Theater arrived. "We accounted for the site's situation and asked the responsible authorities to provide the permits," Director Erik Geuss explained the method of investigation.

If the Chancellor is not right, he can get a fine. "Generally, according to the Water Act, as amended, it is five million crowns of the highest penalty," adding Geuss to him.

Lesy ČR does not have enough agreement

Mynar says he is allowed to snow. "We agree to pump water from the flow manager," said the Chancellor.

The administrator who is feeding Mynářův lunch is the Lesy ČR state company. But according to her speaker, Eva Jouklová, they have a long time to be perfect. Permission can only be granted with the home office in Uherské Hradiště – according to the authorities, the ski center has allowed permission to take water for snow only at the end of January this year. So shortly after visiting inspectors from the inspection.

However, there is no unlawful snow skinning fine the same thing that threatens the Mynar Chancellor. In the same way, he owns himself with his own pond. "There is a risk of up to a million crowns if it is a land that can be captured," is Jan Lehký, a construction expert, describing.

And he was even a bit; heightened, the Chancellor of Mynar was at risk of placing the loch on land under agricultural land assets. "The person who establishes the buildings on the land that is retained in a farm land asset without rethinking an agreement, causes misbehavior," Lehký said a private person can be fined for up to one million crowns and the entrepreneur or up to ten million.

Even if the Chancellor is legally built, the public water is. And he has permission to pull water and snow. "It is not possible to spend water on the expense of others," said Geuss's CEO.

The people at home at the pond say: We'll cut walls

Mynářův was also the subject of objections with residential residents standing on the edge. "Initially, we started to squeeze their bottom in the bottom bottom and from that slab in the restaurant over. Then the turfs appear in other rooms, "said Vladislava Valova, who rebuilt her house with her family a few years ago, before the Chancellor of Mynar built the pond. Valda challenges her house to the chancellor's tank.

However, the Mymann rejects anything similar to the Valova lunchtime. He had an idea of ​​an expert. "It clearly sets out that the reservoirs do not have such a negative reservoir," said Mynar, saying that a professional designer than the pool say the same thing.

However, the family was also handled by the Vladislava Valva family. "Our current experts have agreed that we have driving a kiss on the front of our house," said Valova, saying that the house could fall in a few years.

Subsidies to the hostel, finally Mynar's guest house

In order to start his businessman in Auschwitz, he has helped ten million dollars. Most of them received a sports community of Chřibák, which was founded by Mynar for two years ago two years ago and later; work there.

As early as 2006, two MEPs passed 26 million crowns. For them, the society has built a number of playgrounds. Some, including tennis courts, are now a private company of Mynář as part of their building. In addition, the society received money from the state for an athlete's inn, but did not reach it. After the subsidy was tired, Myrtle private company was once again taken over the hard work and running the inn and the center of action.

"It is the problem that the public money was spent on hosting a host that suspended a halfway, that is, the aims of a & # 39. And the project has been taken over by someone who has personal benefits, and even worse, even at that time, the chancellor who was a representative of Osvětiman – was politically active, " is distributed Transparency International analyst Milan Eibl.

A question about what money he put into the pension was avoided by Mynar when he only sent the previously recorded video.

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