An investigation exploded the death of a deceased News


On afternoon 19.11, Phu Xuan commune police officer (Dakrong district, Dakrong) said that the authorities investigated a cause of explosion that causes death in the area.

The victim was identified as Mr Tham Van Dong (aged 42, living in Binh Minh Town, Khong Nang Town, Khong Nang District).

Before that day, on 19.11, many people on the Dieu Hoa (Phu Xuan) crossroads began with a large bar.

According to the original information, on the same day, Mr Dong rides a motor-engineer to Phu Xuan to pay debts to an expert. When he returned to Dieu Hoa crossroads, he went to a restaurant on the road to rest. Then he took off his jacket and moved to the street when his sword came out.

Shortly after the blast, and information from the people, H. Krong Nang's police and others have done field exams, and, giving evidence of witnesses to clarify the event.

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