An investigation of the accident by the two cousins ​​died in Boeotia


Published: 18.02.2019 | 18:30


The disaster information in Aliarto, which costs two cousins, ages 3.5 and 4.5 years, suffers.

Some say that the two children were removed individually through a hemisphere, although other information requires that the two children play near a hydraulic canal, 100 meters away from the Roma camp and because it is not known at this time to die by doing it; drowned.

Policing reviews are ongoing, and it is expected that parents' parents will unfortunately the two unfortunate children light on, case.

The Prosecutor of Livadeia complained to parents to neglect a small person and ordered him to examine the conditions under which the two cousins ​​were lost, As long as he is outside Livadia Hospital, there is a foolish fool of relatives for losing two children.

Tobar: tvstar, lamiareport

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