An investor said accidentally


– Immediately after the project stopped talking to VietNamNet, the investor said that the industry was extinguished in the lake to bloody, so much flooding if it dropped well, no place. This is elsewhere.

Storm No. 9: Heavy 6 day waters from Quang Tri – Binh Thuan

Yesterday, the Director of Thanh Chau Company Nguyen Thi Hoai Thanh, owner of the Hoang Phu (Nha Trang city), said the project is more than 11ha, a design of 85ha around Mount Fairy Mountain. In the main plan of 1/500, there is an unfinished swimming pool in the Kien Bean Co.

She also said that businesses are digging for the bath. The place where DN excavation is the place chosen as an unfinished bath, as in the long-term photographs of the company's website.

Water bomb broke & # 39; in the house of the teacher: a disaster talkman
The predator in this situation was excavated in the 10 days with the intention of making the unfinished bath

According to the design, the unfinished bath is about 900m2 in width, with an average depth of about 1m. This item has not been approved but the proprietor has given the detailed design.

"We expect three baths to make swimming: 40-75cm deep child bath; depth of lake quality 1.2m deep; Outdoors, add footwear about 30cm. The swimming pool is built, not the Finally, "said Thanh.

Excavation into the new lake was made in the last 10 days. Only 50% of the approved area will be built. Special adult primary school of 180m2, lake of children around 100m2, lake of about 100m2.

Water bomb broke & # 39; in the house of the teacher: a disaster talkman
The projected position of the unfinished line of this project is over & over; just above the place of residence

Due to natural disasters, there is no other place & # 39;

A representative from the owner said that the total bankruptcy can not be completely avoided due to a natural disaster.

Mr Trang Le Chau, deputy director of his company (her husband) confirmed that the cause of the incident was due to water from outside the boundary planning stream. The previous boundaries had been exacerbated but destroyed by the people. Then the shelter needs to make a water track to prevent erosion of his project.

"The amount of water was poured down to the mountain and passed over the project and pushed it down. It's an accident, not a man , "said Chau.

Thanh Ms. The resident area here has been 5.6 years. Other years are also wet but they are not as bad as the previous bites.

"This is like to be swept away, to climb, strong, so it should be. The excavation industry is the collision that is an accident. If the flood is not so large, the site will be demolished too.

Water bomb broke & # 39; in the house of the teacher: a disaster talkman
Overview of the project in Hoang Phu. This is one of 35 projects recently inspected by the Government Inspectorate for land disposal

In the days before the lake there was no rain, just a few hours in the morning, "she said.

4 hours planning permission is not yet allowed

Hoai Thanh said the project has changed the design four times and is not currently allowed to build a infrastructure.

"Initiative-based initiatives have been agreed in 2011. After 2013, initiatives are not new for a new build permit and there are only local changes , fewer changes to the main plan.

Indeed, just a sub-division, from a huge lottery but does not change the land, infrastructure so we do not ask for a new building permit, "Ms. Thanh explained.

Yesterday, Tran Van Chau, Chief Inspector of the Khanh Hoa Building Department, said he asks investors to report all aspects of the project. Previously, the Inspectors had conducted and encouraged scrutiny, which allowed to be built here.

"The Inspectorate's Department requires the investor to provide information on each item of construction. It is essential to clearly clarify what matters will be taken by 2013, which will be taken after the signals- This section reports on this, "said Chau.

A policeman works with the owner

Mr Trang Le Chau, a local policeman has been working with businesses.

The company has a & # 39; co-ordination of research bodies, local authorities to handle their case. In addition, DN will investigate everything that is at risk of landslide.

"This project is in the list of 35 projects inspected by Government Inspectors on land disposal," Chau added.

Water bomb broke & # 39; in the teacher's home: Full project hanged on an increase "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Water bomb broke & # 39; at the teacher's house: A tall project house

The Hoang Phu high-estate (Nha Trang town) project was stopped after the bomb was broken, causing the death of the whole nursery.

Nha Trang landslide: & blast & # 39; water bomb & # 39; hill to fun the teacher's house "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Nha Trang landslide: water bomb broke & # 39; on the teacher's gift hill

Water and soil from the "water bomb" on the side of the pool is about 50m; height and fell to collapse 9 houses, 4 dead buried in the pre-school teacher's family.

Deputy Director of the Khanh Hoa Buildings Department shows & # 39; water bomb & a; break up dead people "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Deputy Director of the Khanh Hoa Department of Water & as a deadly blast

Deputy Director of the Khanh Hoa Department said that the landowner changed the current, and turned to the current; bed to bed & # 39; in which water is just down the house.

Lamenting the whole house of the pre-school teacher by 20/11 "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Lament the total burial of the pre-school teacher by 20/11

A child cried tears: Children, today people get flowers to celebrate the day of 20/11, they did not; children just got a white lion.

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