An OCA owner was charged for tax-keeping and contributions from many companies


The judge Javier López Biscayart Proposed for illegal offenses of social security facilities and tax disqualification for the employer Patricio Farcuh, OCA President and businessman connected to Hugo Moyano.

The National Criminal Court head is Àir. 9 analyze whether many companies have a & n; Supporting and receiving social security and social security fees and profits, between January 2013 and December 2017, but they never gave it.

"The validation chart is already enough to prove that the behaviors that have been developed by [las empresas] Associated, GPS Services, Slam Services, Labor Guidelines, Iron Security, Rhuo Group Group and General Resource they agree to illegal offenses of social security and reward resources, for their need to order their work, "said the judge.

In addition, he valued "It is confirmed that Farcuh was integrated to each of the companies as president, partner management or administrator, as well as who had most of the social capital ".

"This situation," he said, "is able to include the ones that were recruited [Farcuh] I would have translated into the facts (…). Farcuh used the effective administration of signatures and, if so willing, the ability to discharge its tax duties removed (…) The person who, with his own actions, was adequate resources; Social Security System attack and taxes are sustained. "

"At the end, the person who agreed was confirmed by his own, aware and voluntary activity, within the framework of the structures led by the corporate, concluded the contribution to the Single Social Security System and the fees that were held. "The judge concluded.

He also warned that Farcuh "submitted it regularly and permanently to payment plans to fund full tax duties and social security for hundreds of millions of pesos " and did not get that move from specific financial problems, but from the entrepreneur's decision "to fund money from certificates and tax collectors" or to " "the sums collected for the Rhuo Group business extension.

OCA (Coordinating Organization Argentina SRL) B & there tied in more than one time to the family's leader, Hugo Moyano. And the connections between Moyano and Farcuh are still suspicious. Even after the OCA president said before the court that the trade union had "taken" its; company can be made free and contract assignment with companies connected to the supporter. More than 6,000 of the 7,000 mail staff are formally connected to Truckers & # 39; Union.

In this context, in September, the Federal Public Finance Administration (AFIP) challenged Farcuh for a " a breaking out of doubt. At this time, he opposed him Destructive Destruction and Take Your Company Between 2016 and 2018.

Amongst many irregularities, it was found that the accused was employed on a variety of support providers and is not connected to OCA commercial activity. For example, a million-builder will be built on products and services for the owner of the company, such as high-speed bicycle, expensive watches, air services for people from the artistic and political environment, as well as services and freight from abroad.

The declaration was also recruitment of companies connected to Farcuh and his brother, for higher levels than market values.

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