An official service on the possibility of post-TB


(According to the Ministry of Information and Communications roadway, on November 16, 1818, a VNP activist of VNPT officially launched a MNP service for postpaid supporters.

The network of 1,300 VinaPhone business points across the country, free of charge 18001091, and http // // chuyenmang website. is ready to get the request from a transfer over a network .http: // chuyenmang.

Transfer network easy

After careful preparation of technical infrastructure, human resources as well as related processes, postpaid supporters are required to move to the VinaPhone network but follow the simple steps below. :

Step 1: Record

Users can sign up to move to VinaPhone in one of the following ways: Free free exchange 18001091 – 5 branch, VNPT trading office in all parts of the country or visit http: // chuyenmang website

Step 2: Make the procedure

Buyers to complete the transfer application form

Note that the user uses a copy of an ID card / passport / ID ID and a payer contract with a basic carrier or account.

Fees pay 60,000 VND (including 15,000 VND transfer tax, 35,000 VND network tax, 10000 VND purchase tax) and VinaPhone sim.

Step 3: Confirm the probation message for network transfer

The customer will send a YCCM message to 1441 to confirm again that the request is moved to the National Center for National. This message is free.

Step 4: Get a Network Preparation Record

Within 8 hours of sending the registry message, the National Network Internet Center will submit the Request Results for Network Transfer Agents. If moved, customers will receive a network target.

If the message has been denied a network transfer, customers to the VNPT reconciliation office to repay procedures.

Step 5: Start using the service

On the date of the information in the calendar, when you do not; The old sim got more waves, the user introduced the VinaPhone SIM and used the service.

Special offers for new supporters

In addition to payment packages at just VND69,000 per month, VinaPhone also offers a special inspirational program, and # 39; up to 20% of consumer credit to consumer promotional accounts for a six-month period. This sum can be used to make text messaging / messaging.

Official service on potential for paypayers

VinaPhone is the only current operator that & # 39; Including integrated fiber optic internet packages, television, mobile. The target is only 160,000 VND / month, cheaper than most of the existing fiber cable packs already existed on it; market.

In June, VinaPhone officially implemented the policy for up to 6 MAX mobile data data competence journeys, and # 39; VinaPhone makes the most attractive market data plan. For example, at its MAX70 – 70,000 VND / month capacity up to 3.8GB / month. All MAX packages have an incomplete package, users still have the opportunity to access the internet even when the size of the packet.

VinaPhone is also a network with many advances today. These programs will take place every quarter up to ten billion. Many of the BMW, Mercadeess, Mazda, European tours and millions of other donations were donated to customers. Recently, the "Loading Vina – Mazda home" program has delivered 45 cars SH 125i and 2 Mazda 6 for VinaPhone's fortunate writers with a total value of over 5 billion.

VinaPhone's loyal clientele has always been very popular with customers with practical and class advantages. Favorable programs / products are constantly explored and developed to meet the needs of the smallest users.

In 2017, IDG surveyed customer satisfaction of 4G service providers in Vietnam. VinaPhone has been selected as a 4G network with the care of ordinary users.

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