An old politician was & # 39; At the age of 36 looking for the staff chief Trump


WASHINGTON – Nick Ayers was almost not easy to do for a brother's brotherhood because he has a white widespread self-removal with Mike Pence just months after the Indiana government was named as a running companion Donald Trump.

Indeed, the initiative played an important role in a white gun enterprise strategy in the Trump election in 2016. And two years later, Ayers's link to Pence has been stronger than ever before, how to connect to the & # 39; president.

A 36-year-old campaign, Ayers, has been the lead opponent of John Kelly, chief of staff at White House, Thinking about being long considered.

If he had been elected, Hadaidh returned to a political mind in the role that Trump's commander is entering a new, more difficult degree in which he is in a position; fight for re-election while it's & # 39; awaiting new supervisory attempts from a Democratic House.

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In any administration, the role of the head of the white staff is divided into the duties that watch the White House and his / her; guide the person who is sitting in the Oa Office. Confirming that balance in the accidental times of Donald Trump has contracted both Kelly and the one who was Previously, Reince Priebus. If Ayers is the third person to deal with the job, it is the most important challenge – and some friends say that he is equipped to handle.

"It will be an extra guide to anyone I ever saw," said Phil Cox, a co-worker of the Association of Republican Governors who bought the Ayers political consulting business earlier this year.

Trump is said to have heated to Ayers partly in order to look at the effectiveness of Pence's independent political work. A former vice chairman for the last 18 months, Ayers has received support from Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, a daughter of a president and a spouse and senior councilors , want to & # 39; accepting the new post, the House officials said.

Ayers was the youngest leader since Hamilton Jordan was 34 years old; served under Jimmy Carter.

But before Ayers can screen at the Whitehead staff chief, he must then get rid of a challenge from somebody else; can work for him.

Air Force on Sunday when Trump returned to the US from a disastrous journey to Paris, arguing arguments to the president that Ayers was the wrong person for the work, according to two who were familiar with her; case. Over half a dozen administrative services about Ayers spoke on an anonymous state to talk about the issue of sensitive staff.

In some corner of the White House, Ayers looks amazingly about how to manage the Fianin office, which is largely independent of the Trump West Wing. Some in the White House can compare Ayers for a & # 39; Put news stories that are essential about its administration or strategies, and others have complained about their efforts to work politically; president. Some supporters have been calling on "Tricky Nicky."

Ayers, former governor of Georgia and Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, was blamed by some in the White House to support the agreement of Secretary of State Brian Kemp, the government for a ruler , someone who They could not believe they were not so strong a candidate in GOP primary. The Republicans spent millions of dollars and set the presidency to protect the red state seat against a strong challenge from the Democrat Stacey Abrams. Kemp has a small lead over Abrams, and the results of the Night Election are still confirmed.

Ayers did not respond to interview. But fellowships said he is willing to take up the position of the staff leader. He and Trump have been thinking about his & # 39; Easy to make the change for months.

Georgia is an indigenous player with a south-kick game, Ayers's father is a young problem. Among those featured in GOP politics, the Republican Governance Association, as an enterprise manager for the successful application of Tim Pawlenty's White House, was a successful campaign and a political consultation exercise for high-profile Republican doons throughout the country – including Fansa.

"It did not seem to have been a problem for those involved, it's very valuable," said Cox.

During the campaign in 2016, Ayers was seen as a penny loyal who also had a good connection with Trump's reverending campaign team.

"The initiative was reluctant," said Brian Baker, president of the Republican Party, president of Super-Trump Future 45 Super PAC. & # 39; & # 39; He was a rare man; capable of working with both teams. & # 39; & # 39;

Prior to his administration, Ayers was among the founders of the Pro-Trump political group, America's Prime Policy, who works with Pence's political work.

Co-unions said that although Ayers is not so politically in foreign policy as it was before, he had been acquainted with advising on a penny on global issues. He has often participated in Trump's daily information gatherings, sometimes even & # 39; and when there was no money in attendance.

Kelly's delayed expectation is not quite clear, although her & her; The promise is that it will happen next to the path that is being taken; Expectations from Kirstjen Landscaping Secretary Nielsen in the coming months.

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