An Olympic hero in a curse was badly drunk


Canadian Ryan Fry, a Canadian Olympic winner, was among four competitors who were sent out of their competition in Canada because of "boldness". The four unlawful behaviors, including sad boots and curse, report an AFP newsgroup.

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Ryan Fry won gold to Canada in the 2014 Summer Olympics. The Classic Red Deer Curling competition is organized entirely by the organizers Jamie Coe, The DJ Kidby there Chris SchillePost Office & # 34;They played, they were drunk, they broke their shoes, curse and obedience, or completely unsuitable. They will not look or go to; deal with things like that. Enough enough& # 34; leader of the Wade Thurber competition.

& # 34;They did some & # 353; code in the mailbox, some teams were going to; protest because they were hitting the equipment. At the end, we said, now enough,& # 34; Thurber added him.

The curling series on Twitter has made it clear that the team was disqualified for # 34; # 34;status without profit& # 34 ;. Fry has been done & # 39; for his actions at this time. & # 34;The competition was right that we were open. I allowed myself to lose control and people. I want to do it alone. I take the necessary steps to make sure that something like this does not happen longer, I will make it more important to bring something to the port and to crawl, and # 39; I am so fond of& # 34; He wrote in a press release, inter alia.

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Ryan Frygold winner for the 2014 Summer Olympics in Sochi. The Curling Classic Red Deer was with the organizers with her; Jamie Coe, The DJ Kidby there Chris SchilleS "They went to play, they were drunk, they broke shoes, curse, and they were polite enough unsuitable. No one wants to look at those things or listen to them. Enough enough"said the champion of Wade Thurber.

"They made some damage to the catching room, some of the teams complained about their tools that were withdrawn. At the end, we said, now enough,"said Thurber.

The curling series in the world described a Twitter social network that they were disqualified from the team because of "uncomfortable behavior"Fry is already excused for her actions."The competitiveness of the competition was just right to close. It allowed me to lose control and people regret. I want to apologize for each individual. I take the necessary steps to make sure something else does not happen, I will try to be better, and give me fun and curling, which I love,"wrote it in a press release.

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