An unexpected end of a nearly 40 case of Gia Lai people to Hai Phong … driving a car


An unexpected ending of nearly 40 people Gia Lai going to Hai Phong ... driving a car - 1

According to Hai Phong Department of Transport, the test results at 5 driving training facilities indicate that there is no "non-letter" student, "test" (internet images).

Therefore, the audit and evaluation results show, through data from a list of 38 students, that the inspection team identified 35 students in the Ia Grai area (Gia Lai) who were attending driving lessons. A total of 14 different training courses (from 2017 to 2018) will be delivered at 5 driving stations in HCMC. Hai Phong.

In particular, there are 11 students from the Nam Trieu Driver Education Center, 9 students from the Hoang Phuong Vocational Education Center, Transport II College with 8 students, Professional College No. 1. 3 – The Ministry of Defense has 6 students and 1 is in the Hoang Duong education center. There are 3 students who are not on the training list at driver training centers in Hai Phong.

With regard to the content of non-literary students (non-literate), they are still allowed to attend and take the driving test, according to the representative body, by means of the exam and verifying just in the residence. T , working directly and directly with 35/35 students living in the Grai area, the Gia Lai area for the results, read 35/35 above students and usually no case with , without reading, "literacy". "As seen."

Content and testing for GPP in 2 weeks' waist 'test, as determined by the inspection team, after testing, confirming at the 5 drivers' training facilities referred to t tall, then. and compared to records, documents and data from the sources stored in appropriate training and test facilities, have been produced by the five institutions for training contracts and contracts for each student according to the terms and conditions of the course. content is full of course details, learning time, tuition fees … on the basis of each training center.

Also according to Hai Phong Department of Transport, comparisons, reports and documentation relating to the start of the courses and the requirement for a driving test with Gia Lai training names they received training from the training providers. Training places. Prepare and promote to Hai Phong Department of Transport on the basis of the distribution and transmission of the driver licensing data network (GPLX), ensuring that the time is allocated, the correct learning time for each driving class. Studying the training courses of trainees with students Gia Lai that inspects at 5 training centers, maintaining a theory examination, usage, end of topic, and progression of the student number certificate.

In addition, the time available for exams cannot be arranged for LURC students other than after the end of the course in accordance with current rules.

Hai Phong Department of Transport said, the inspection team also said that the inspection team carried out an examination of the theory tests, usage tests in the picture, the student driving test above, and the withdrawal of data not being data. and images from surveillance cameras in the theoretical examination rooms, images of competitors in cars tested in the image, showing interference from competitors in the road test vehicles stored in test centers. candidates have been fully engaged in the process of theoretical and practical study. Of the 35 examiners, 6 driving tests failed …

However, the Department of Transport also said that the process of checking driver training centers will also find that there are still weaknesses and difficulties.

In particular, the management of trainees is not yet tight, the enrollment of students to study theory is not limited to subjects such as: transport, repair structure, … in some full classes. T sufficient, decorative, but not partially in the use of prescribed treatments, such as sanctions, preventing registrations for a term.

The inspection team commended and directors of Hai Phong Department of Transport passed a rule and asked that the Hai Phong driving training centers be inspected and monitored for implementation. vocational training rules.

Likewise, People in recent years, Ia Khai commune (the Greater Grae area, Gia Lai area) has had twelve relatives with servants covered in the Hai Phong test to … for driving license. The most unusual thing is that relatives say they are a driving license for exam and testing for 2 weeks.

As soon as the information came to pass, Graeme police forces established arms to the towns in the Kai group to find out about the situation and the number of people who were tested. permission of the driver to Hai Phong. .

Early results show there are 91 cases in the Grazings of Grace, people in the villages of Giang Kai 1, Jap Blo, Giang Kai 2, Frog, Yom, Tung and Nu in the commune Ia. some driving and inspection centers in other areas and towns. These include 38 cases of minority ethnic children undergoing driving tests in Hai Phong City.

The Department of Transport established following information on the forthcoming event, set up a working group to confirm and clarify it.

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