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Iran complains

The Iranian communities of Europe will continue to protest against the violation of government human rights in a global president that focuses on the Middle East and in Iran in Warsaw, Poland 13 February 2019.
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When an Israeli prime minister attends a large international gathering where Arab representatives are also attending; take part, consider quilts about his hand, and whether meetings – individually or in public – on the side.

This was so true when the prime minister Ehud Olmert in Paris in 2008 asked for what French president NICOLAS Sarkozy was hoping for a new forum on the Caribbean as it was in 2015 when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went to the same town for a conference on climate change, and again last November in Paris to take part in rituals that celebrated 100 years since end of & # 39; Great War.

The same thing, really, today, with Netanyahu in Warsaw to take part in the US-Polish sponsorship meeting on the peace and security of Mideast.

Representatives from 60 states are present for the meeting, originally made as a conference to try to control Iranian designs in Mideast, Despite some of Europe – to make it more interesting – overcoming the last days to cover the full basket of Mideast problems, from Syria, to Yemen, to Israel and the Palestine. Among the Arabian presenters, there are foreign ministers from Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, Oman Kuwait and Morocco.

It's not long until Netanyahu landed the reports; show that it would meet foreign ministers from Morocco and Bahrain. And although these meetings have not yet happened, Netanyahu publicly met Oman Foreign Minister, Yousuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah.

Although public meetings with any foreign foreign minister are helping Netanyahu, especially just two months before elections, it is important that so many Arab states have decided to attend a & # 39; conference, a & # 39; Mideast's first Israeli conference and some Arabians present in Anapolis countries in 2008.

It is important that the presence of Arab ministers in Warsaw, even though they do not crawl hands on Netanyahu in front of wooden cameras, that the Palestinians want them to come.

Secretary General PLO, Saeb Erekat, said the week that the Warsaw conference has been "an attempt to avoid Arab Peace Initiative [from 2002] and destroying Palestine national projects. "

Fatah's spokesman, Osama Qawasmeh, was even further and said that any Arab leader who meets Netanyahu in the Warsaw conference "will confirm Jerusalem and our Palestinian people. " The Palestinians, who said, opposed any means of normalization "with the Israeli unit unit as it would be a free gift for Tel Aviv."

And, indeed, some Arab states did not attend. Lebanon does not exist, no – indeed – is Syria or Iraq.

However, despite the Palestinian arguments, many Arab countries were experiencing; and some – like Oman – willing to go public with the meetings with Netanyahu. And what does this show that many of the Arabian worlds are now comfortable to do? empowering the Palestinians beyond their connection to Israel, which is a sense that can be of great benefit both in terms of security and economics.

The Arabs say they have done to Warsaw to talk about Iran's attack in the area. They have been because they are & # 39; stop their interests, because they feel Israel can help them, and because they want to do it; Living on the good side of the United States President, Donald Trump, despite Palestine's passion in American administration.

Netanyahu, who has been involved in silent communication with a number of Arab states for years, has emphasized that there is a radar collaboration with Arab countries in a way that nobody thought e – without a diplomatic process with the Palestinians.

It is hoped that the Arab world would not deal with Israel until resolving the Palestine question was vacant. To deal with the enemy in Iran and radical Islamic downturn, these countries have expressed an interest in dealing with Israel although there is no diplomatic process with Palestinians to talk.

Many Arab countries were going to Warsaw – even though it does not go to Warsaw; means that a group photo of Netanyahu captures the hand of the Arab representatives – a & # 39; show that these countries are not willing to allow the Palastinians to become their hostels.

There is no offer in diploma.

There will be no connection with the Arab world – as Jerusalem would want – public and even dualistic to have at least a few modes of diplomatic process with the Palestinians. But nothing and any connections between the Arab and Israeli world will be set on the establishment of the Phalestin state on the boundaries by 1967 with Jerusalem east as its capital, as the Palastinians wanted.

There is a fair ground, and the participation of more than 10 Arab states at the Warsaw conference – despite Palestinian complaints – is a good indication of how the land is similar.

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