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Taiwan is involved in a highly analyzed business. Even TSMC is committed to finding advanced and advanced processes. crosses Moore Law. The Taiwanese physics team dominated and developed a two-dimensional monomatic relationship that is over Law Moore, and in the Nature Communications magazine. Published results.

The Ministry of Science and Technology today held a news conference to hold research results. With the help of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the University of Exercise and the Synchrotron National Research Center, Wu Zhonglin, was professor of the Chengdu Department of Physics, and Chen Jiahao, the National Synchrotron Research Center's doctor, successfully completed two research teams. Smaller and more effective one-sized alcohol, which exceeds Moore Law, and its the development of electronic components in the subsequent period. Therefore, the search results are listed in the Nature Communications magazine.

The Ministry of Science and Technology said that the anti-consonant business is opposed to addressing the & # 39; a mini-process of unified disability valuation. So, as well as developing the fundamental structure of the transistor in the integrated visit, scientists also have a " Looking for excellent corporate features, and can be reduced to less than 1 nanometer. Crystalline material at an acute level.

The TSMC semiconductor business leader is also actively involved in researching and developing advanced processes, and they hope to find out what technology is. continue or overlap Moore Law. However, the Taiwan physics team dominated and put forward a system with just one atomic atom and excellent valuation markers. The tediisten offers a selenide diode, led by the Ministry of Science and Technology, donations and a huge impact on the spatial industry.

The Ministry of Science and Technology explained that the selenide and graphene tungsten are related to the same two-dimensional material and are an interchangeable metal disulfide companies capable of exhibiting excellent semi-spread distribution features in a thickness of about 0.7 nm. Compared to controversy material, in addition to the 3-nanometer process level in thickness, it can take full account of the more shorter, smaller and faster requirements of the next generation's walks.

Wu Zhonglin also compared to the previous style of changing the electronic features by making it possible. Using doping or voltage elements, this study does not need to contribute to metal electrons, which is a major problem.

The Ministry of Science and Technology, through the outcome of this research, will bring together the finishing cut-off monoatomic drinks in a number of integrated integrated walks, the work of the work of the dedicated electrical devices are restricted to the same atomic series that can reduce the significant reduction. And increasing the operating distance, it is expected to be more than 10 million times of today's computers, and that the energy is very small, when a large number of calculations do not It's too much energy, and it will bring a energy saving effect.

The latest Ministry of Science and Technology has said that research results on modern technology will have a significant impact, which will provide greater business value and meet the demand for a large amount of computing power required for artificial information teams and future learning tools.

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