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2019-03-12 17:28:50 Source: 澎湃 News

There should be lots of voices around you. Amway has passed the Natsume Friends account and the first idea is available.

On 7th March, this Japanese medical animation film selected hearts of thousands of mainland listeners on the main day of the film. As the media, according to the lighthouse's professional data version of the data, the first day of publication, the film anime "Natsume Friends Account: The End of the World" won a box office of 19.519 million Yuan, the first in a film office film. Douban data show that 42.4% of customers in the 8923 users of Douban have given 5 stars.

When the film was released in China, he advertised for the "10-year contract". In fact, the film was released in Japan as early as 2018, and 2018 was the tenth year of Friends Natsume. From the Douban score, where the 10th Anniversary film was released in the country, was won 8.7 points, or given to the sixth season of the animation works "Natsume Friends Account", 9.3 points it is easy to see that Chinese audiences are accepting and accepting IP of this "medical system".

Cure System, a cultural concept, has emerged from Japan and gradually has become the cultural industrial system encompassing music, literature, film, animation and more. T and sent abroad. Material from these works consists of medical worksheets, including medical works, notably animation, Xian Xia, Suspense and Blood after entering China and taking place t the Chinese animation content market with their own unique style.

Today, when you leave "Natsume Friends Account: End of the World", we look at this exciting “Cure System” system in Japan to see what “medical system” is? Why is the “healing system” more popular, and what is the current status of the “healing system” in the Chinese animation product market?

What elements are considered "healing" elements?

"The life of a journey is a lonely place, but there will be a relaxed meeting. Their happiness and parting are very sad, for you like yourself, every minute, you want to appreciate."

This is the preface to the film "Natsume Friends: The End of the World". As if with the temperature, along with gentle and faint music, the audience's lives had been resolved. This could be said to be one of the characteristics of "healing" Japanese system – background music. Background music, as one of the options in the “healing system”, is often well integrated with the rhythm and the stormy story so that listeners can rest with their music.

Compatible with background music, as well as settings for the view. For example, the framing of "Natsume's Friendly Account", the trainer-house wooden house, woods, rivers, and field tracks is full of city weather, with soft colors, and each of the carcasses is a warm picture listening. New and quiet.

These two situations can be described as the “lively” healing lifestyle of Japanese. In fact, these two points are not sufficient to influence the mind. The soul of the anime "medical system" remains a scene for the story and the characters.

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