Anastasia Kuzmin also participates in SP races in the US


Pretty musicians prefer to prepare for the competitions.

Bratislava. When the biathlonists woke up in the Canmore in the morning, they were waiting for an unpleasant wonder. Night temperature fell to less than 30 Celsius degrees.

"Even so, I need to be ready for a competition. I'm going to warm up within seven hours," Kaisa Mäkäräinen Finland wrote to tweets , but the temperature did not rise slightly.

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Given that it was worse than 20 steps away, World Cup Worlds had to cut the First World War.

Frost was unpleasant

On Sunday, a start-up start began to start. But the commissioners decided to replace the place of fast racing. In cold weather, the hosts would be less and less; as possible.

Then they planned to move the race on Saturday. The weather should be more favorable than Sunday. He was not. So they returned back on Sunday. He did not help. Eventually, the Canmore did not compete on Sundays and the biathlonists put themselves up.

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They accepted the decision because the cold was cold.

"Frost was really unpleasant. In the morning I went to breakfast before I started breakfast, while it was still less than thirty, which is a real winter unstable. The sky was clear today. In the previous days, we were still swept up in this winter and it was worse, "said Tomas Krupcik, the Czech competitors for

Biatlonists complained about frost after the relay attacks. Although it was less than 18 degrees, a strong wind blew and a cold feeling was growing.

"He was already in the end. It was very wintery. I told the gunmen," God, let me go behind, "said Nemes Vanessa Hinz for ARD.

Kuzmin just goes to Salt Lake City

The proxy will not be reimbursed for returning Sunday. Canthy who has traveled overseas foodthirst musicians. Frost has added to the training and will only receive a single competition.

But there is also one of the most important points for Slocach biathletes. Although it is small.

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