Anbi coach will be critical to & # 39; spent by Zamalek players


Zamalek won a hard and exciting win over Enppi 2-0 at the end of the 22nd week of the Egyptian Premier League.

Zamalek's Khaled Boutaib and Mahmoud Kherba made the two archives, and Mohamed Bassiouni put the same goal for Enppi.

The first half started with a good play from the players and offensive campaigns from ENPI were not finished, Geal later to go to; affecting its game and its & # 39; controlling the play course in the middle of the playground.

Morocco, Khaled Boutaib, got his first goal in the 21 minutes when he caught a mistake with Enoss, Hossam's caretaker, who tried to take her away until -make Zamalek to the net.

Zamalek enjoyed the benefit and Enbe had only been able to show it for times through the start of Lokombe, as well as a free envelope by Amr El Halouni.

On the other hand, Ferjani Sassi continued to play the most important part in the Zamalek attack form. In addition, Ahmed Mustapha Zizou, who has won almost his prize; His first aim was in the last minutes of the first half of a member that he edited by an electronic player who lost only a few minutes in his & The first minute of the Zamalek author is hit on Enpe's protective bodies.

In the last half of the first half, just 47 minutes, Kharba got the second attack after a long-awaited member of the front to turn and split into the net names the second goal

The situation was completely restored by the start of the second half, and Enppi became a most dangerous and dangerous, and Zamalek rescued for no apparent reason.

Enby was given the opportunity to translate to a visit with Mohamed Bassiouni, played on Ahmed Shoukri's cost at the beginning of the half, continuing a cross from the Lokombe landing path in the net from 56 minutes.

Gros made his first place for Ayman Hefni at the expense of Ahmed Zizou in the 67th minute, and then Hamid Ahad paid his pay on Electra's cost in his. 76 minute minute.

Gensh rescued more than a real effort, especially a very good trick for Enby Lokombe through Mahmoud Alaa in a good way, but the departure of the Zamalek gateway stopped stopping, get a special visit.

Khalid Boutaib lost more than a chance, including a picture of the goals, and another land hit the job.

Also needed, Joseph Obama, who appeared in the first threat to Enppi's goal, was 87 minutes, but was paid at his. the end.

The Zamalek decision raised 51 points in the headline and Enby has 21 points in the & # 39; 15th

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