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Malaysia's youngest minister, Syed Saddiq, has had a passionate protection of sportswoman helping to benefit society, saying that he is one species of life in gamage. ; all Malaysians can tie.

Speaking at a news conference for the Major Dota 2 competition in Kuala Lumpur, a 26-year youth and sporting minister took 26 years into question from one of the reporters at a full-fledged press conference Those who say it's fun is a waste of time.

Saddiq responded to the three-week British Social Parliamentary Debate, the usual religious style, saying that the benefits of Malaya's sport have been "horrible".

"Those who say that spyware like time rubbish, you enjoy and do not become pregnant, can be a failure in life. I'm sure you're not everyone come before me here, "he said to the gathered media and spectators, who allowed them to increase.

"I still remember what people said, as a result of internet and computing promotion, etc.etera profit is not, etc., but look at where we are today.

"There are usually strong things that will affect the best benefits in the beginning. But when a community is united, it is high and willing to speak, then people listen.

"I try better than I can do [move e-sports] on. People would say kaki main game [he’s a gaming addict], Saddiq supporters gamer [minister of gamers]I am not responsible, "he said to another big laughter from the people.

"I mean, I respect their opinion. But I say to them that we have a vibrant community in front of us, I mean … on I have a great deal of attention to those who are less than 30 years old or so.

"We are also a vibrant and multi-sexy community, we see people from every generation, the eco sports community is the same one that can connect Malalais."

Malayis – a majority of Malaysian, Chinese and Indian – one of the most economical sports-eastern countries in Asia, is the government's pump in millions of dollars to strengthen the different play areas.

Recently, Saddiq said the government would take RM10 million (HK $ 18.7 million) into the development of e-sports in Malaysia and asked corporations to respond in a variety.

Miss Min-Liang Tan a & # 39; The first one that matched the number was the three Razer-based chief executive based on Singapore based hardware.

Saddiq said he has shown that there was a fun bringing income into the country.

"For those who say that sport can not give any benefits, I mean Malayas is currently the 21st level [in the world] in playing income. We will give money to Malaysia, "he said.

"We have a successful, multi-sexy young e-sports community that enhances IT, technology, promoting … and looking forward to the future , it's a bog, so for me I would say, in every life, there will be a struggle.

"But as long as our united community, as long as we continue to think, I am thinking in the future, five to 10 year, when the benefits come to a clearer effect, these analysts will be proven wrongly, and our efforts today have been realized, inshaAllah (God willing). "

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