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Scientists have said that there is anger and doubt about the application of a Chinese geneticist claiming the genes of sheep's daughters before they are born, because government bodies have ordered examinations into the test.

Even after the genetic expert He Jiankui began to say in a video posted on YouTube on Monday that he had used the Crispr-Cas9 generation tool to modify a specific gene in two memories before being put inside their mother.

He said that the genomes were modified to disinfect a gene to CCR5, and # 39; pathway to HIV virus virus to get into cells.

Some scientists at the International Generation on Human Genome Editing, which started on Tuesday in Hong Kong, said they were " Feeling that the scientist has been nominated not to continue scientific protocols, and # 39; including publishing its findings in a magazine reviewed by peers. Some others talked about the ethical problems that were raised by creating people who had a " firmly strengthened.

Qiu Renzong, biologist and emeritus professor at Beijing Social Science Academy in Beijing, said he could decide to work outside established scientific and well-established scientific protocols on Chinese science reputation .

"Indeed, it is not fair," said Qiu, after he criticized his work in public before hundreds of people attended. Qiu said that his university, the University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, refused his request to complete the test. That gave Stanford Studies to find a private hospital outside the academic system to implement his research. "It's obvious that it's a fox," said Qiu. "It may have created a form, and it was found to sign people."

Crispr, or his whole name, Crispr-Cas9, allows scientists to focus and edit pieces of the genome. Crispr is a management molecule made of RNA, which allows a specific site of DNA double helix interest to be targeted. The RNA molecle is connected to Cas9, a bacteria engine that acts as a pair of "molecular scissors" to cut the DNA at the right level. This allows scientists to cut, move and delete single letters of a genetic code.

The National Health Commission of China has given orders to officers to carry out research and to verify applications. In addition, the Health and Family Planning Commission in Shenzhen, where the science was working, said that he was investigating the ethical questions because he reviewed his / her; process that was followed in the work of He.

Feng Zhang, a biological expert at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and one of the Crispr technology engineers, asked the results to be made public so that it could be done. science community to explore E.

"I do not believe it was handled in a clear way. Especially from the first time I heard about it, it reads it in the newspaper," said Zhang. "And I think that clarity is very important. Especially for new experimental treatments."

If he says that it is true, the couples would emit the modified DNA for any of their descendants; and several scientists commented that there would be medical and medical problems.

"It's something that will affect our lives," said Mohammed Ghaly, Islam's professor and biology philosophy at Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Doha, Qatar. "We end up with great questions … the decision made about these girls has not been made with them but with someone else. The changes that happened to them & # 39; stay their children for future generations.

"Are we, as people, in the situation to make such decisions with a long-term impact that passes on our lives and grandchildren?"

Some scientists were aware of the fact that he and his work were unaware. "Basicly, nothing is different to do [genome] Preparing in the adult people against the embryo, "said one conference attendant, Eben Kirksey, a professor-related professor at Deakin University in Victoria, Australia.

But Kirksey agreed that he raised difficult questions. "It's compromised to create new, modified customization … can not just get hurt for others."

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